Titles for Work: Beware !!!

This is a retrospective post as I’m still waxing lyrical about the Reading Room event in the summer because I learnt such a lot- Things I have learnt before but re- learnt again….

One of these was checking any title for work I have made by  doing an internet search before I print labels etc…

For the Interim Show  I wanted to call the work something  which was ‘catchy’, descriptive sad appropriate    ‘ Read All About It’ seemed appropriate as it alluded to news papers and a time when they were advertised verbally by men wearing Sandwich Boards. Fitting with the age of the Reading Room… and what I wanted an audience to do.

My search led me to this…by Pro. Green and Emilie Sande. I was aware of the song but hadn’t taken much notice of it.

Then I watch this vid by Pro.G and actually found it very moving and powerful (and changed my opinion of Emilie Sand who I hadn’t really given much time to….)

More to the point, it meant that I no longer wanted to call the work ‘Read All About It’.

It seems inappropriate  for a younger audience because of this reference.

[Reflecting on this so long after the event, I actually think I should have stuck with my original decision as it would have lead to the audience taking some action…which was the reason for wanting it in the first place… and many of the audience would not associate this newer reference…and I  was aware of it anyway.. so that would have made it OK.Stick to my original thoughts, I think in future… and OWN THEM FOR MYSELF!   Lesson Learnt]


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