Maya Deren

I’ve just opened a package from Jason  ‘ Don’t Have Nightmares’ from the FAD on-line gang and he has sent me some mags of old Movie Maker from 1966 and 1975 that he found in a charity shop. Pics inserted when I get chance.

I’ve just flicked through in a break from writing the Research Paper and seen a re-print of an article by Maya Deren…..!!!!!!! How cool is that?

I looked at some of her work AGAIN at the beginning of the course ( did I blog post that???) but its a reminder to look again….again….Thanks Jason!

Back to the RP on this most amazing of autumn days. My favourite time of year reminding me of days drilling wheat  till the sun goes down and that amazing scent of earth as you move across it, freshly turned. I want to ride my bike ..and go for a walk… never mind… the Research Paper calls.

Thanks again Jason!

 [EDIT : JUNE 2015]


2 thoughts on “Maya Deren”

    1. They are great and the Maya Deren very interesting.
      Lots of interesting stuff about the BFI and how it used to show’ Amateurs’ work…..
      They do smell good.
      Don’t get that from a Kindle….


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