Research Paper Tutorial with Gareth Polmeer 22.09.2015

I was really dreading this tutorial as I have been having real trouble structuring my Research Paper and also really trying to understand exactly what I am researching!

I had a very clear but very wide intention based on comparison but my research led me in directions I hadn’t expected…..and away from the safe ground of writers I knew and thought I wanted to ‘dig deeper’ into for this research.

Consequently, I’ve ended up with a lot of information and, because of the content and form it takes, no structure to hang it on.

I will write more in another post and expand on this, but basically I send Gareth a jumbled and extensive draft in a new framework….

The tutorial was so helpful as he managed to see through the mess to the new structure and visualise  the writing as moving out and back fro main internal reference point, like ripples.

I loved this metaphor and it fits so well with what I am feeling about the writing.

That he could see through the ‘junk’ helped me so much and has given me confidence to ‘firm it up’ in a way I feel happy with. He could see the process of writing was important as content.

We discussed what I am not writing about and how to explain that. To but a boundary ( appropriate) around the discussion and now I feel confident to do that.

So Head Down and ‘dig in’. I was at the horrid, panic, going -round -in circles stage, but now I have found direction I feel so much more confident.

It may not be the most academic  and argued research but I hope it will be ‘ well negotiated’ and feel it sits well with my practice.

It will be ‘MINE’ and somehow that feels important! He referenced Walter Benjamin’s Arcadia but I don’t think I’ll look at that closely now!!! Though I did read and try to digest ‘The Work of Art…..AMR‘ Too many temptations there, but it will be worth examining in terms of style….

Also, Robinson in Ruins Patrick Keiller which I had discussed with Jon Shapley a couple of weeks ago and saw in 2011 with Jon Seth’s 4D group. Robinson in Ruins, I can’t really remember detail so have ordered it and will watch again.

Anyway, this tutorial has set my mind racing but towards consolidation which is the main thing. I know I’m far behind where I hoped to be but, you know what, I don’t mind….the places I’ve been to on the way have made it worth while.

I’ll Crack On!Thanks Gareth!


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