The Reading Room : 11th Visit and Further Developments : Mistake and Image for Interim Show

4th July 2015:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I visited the Reading Room to make a sketch plan for layout on 18th and touch base with Jane.

I left some invitations for the Americans who were having their Barbecue.

They were just setting up when I arrived and invited me to it.

Then I reversed the car into a tree!

On 4th July I carried on making the alphabet linocuts.

Having got to about V I realised i’d got so carried away with all this stuf I’d made the most fundamental mistake anyone can make when making lettering for printing.

I’d cut them all the wrong way round!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this stuff!

I tell people all about it all the time!!!

I just had so much on my mind I’d made the simplest of errors.

I’m not sure if I realised it on this day but it was round about now. I sorted it as seen later.

Moral is… Don’t get carried away with the making… keep  looking at what you are doing.. from a practical pov.

Also below is the final image I’ve constructed for the Interim Show

There were no stills his showed all the information I wanted to show at the same time so I’ve had to construct one that sort of tells the whole story in one image.

This will represent what I am doing in The Reading Room Project, along with the event poster and text I’ve thought up after my tutorial with Jonathan.

RR 5 D Y 2nd shortened for tutorial 9.6.15 1


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