The Reading Room: 6th Visit : Dog Training

 6th Visit: 15th April 2015

This visit was to dog training/ play event.

Jane and Richard are always trying to come up with new ideas to use the Reading Room and raise money to keep it open until it is let for Office Use.

Most large societies in the village such as the local History Society and Art Class meet in the new village hall which has ‘All Mod Cons’.

Not sure if it has WiFi but it is warm and comfortable and large.

I haven’t been to see it to make a comparison. It was built apparently with money from a local benefactor and lots goes on there. See Here 

Back to the Dog Event.

They didn’t expect many people but prepared carefully as usual.

When I arrived there were just two other people there ( actually I think there may have been someone else who left as I arrived it started at  6pm ? and they had to leave early..)

The couple who were there were from ‘The Base’ and were American and had two dogs.

Jane and I explained what I was doing and they kindly left their contact details in case I wanted to use any video with them on and identifiable for permission purposes and also so I could send more information.

I’ve taken some stills from the videos here below and some photos.

Hopefully the video will be on Vimeo at some point.

I’m now using a Rode external mic but sent one back as it wasn’t multidirectional.

Maybe it was this time I bought the honey.

Jane and Richard are being very, very supportive and increasingly interested in what I am recording.

It is difficult to explain that I will record fairly intuitively and work with the material I get once I have analysed it.



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