The Reading Room: 4th Visit

4th Visit: 7th April 2015

I’m pretty sure this was the day when I went to the coffee morning. I didn’t film any video as I was waiting for the microphone and so just had coffee with some people from the village and some of the trustees, took notes from the conversations and listened to the history they told me.

About how the Reading Room came to be built, what it had been used for over the years, the changed made to the fabric of the building to accommodate the uses and so on… as well as their opinions on it all.

About 20 or more people came to the coffee morning, the tables are set with cloths and flowers and there is home made cake.

The Reading Room was filled with chatter.I  think there was raffle but I didn’t win.

I think I bought some honey on this day. Jane and Richard keep bees but it isn’t their honey.

Richard, Jane’s partner mopped the floor afterwards and Rosie the dog played around.

After/during the Tuesday morning Coffee morning I took these few images and also a video

This is a still from the video here below. There is some material with a family and children on here which is not appropriate to show in full. I may edit and then put on Vimeo/ Youtube but will consider further.


I may look at the notes i made and add some ‘facts’


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