The Reading Room: 3rd Visit


This post Ideologies….various…..was made on 27th March 2015, so obviously I was researching and thinking about this during this visit on –

3rd Visit: 2nd April 2015

I went over to The Reading Room and recorded some video.

I hadn’t really intended to use film but it seemed the best way to document events here.

Mainly it was Jane cleaning and the sounds of her cleaning in the distance whilst I was elsewhere in the building. She had told me stories of a ghost in the building and how she felt when being there on her own.

I was sure I heard low voices chatting when I was filming by the bookcase in the corridor…but maybe it was the sound of the cistern filling…

There are several other videos to be uploaded but I’ve already at the limit for this week.

I made a conscious decision not to use a tripod or to choose views of the room consciously. I just used the shelves or furniture there and then composed the shots for that position. I was pleased with these.

They see the room from the perspective of the room not the people in it, necessarily.

It is a very quiet, waiting building. The sounds echo around and the doors bang hard shut and cold.

It is hard to move quietly.

It feels empty when it is empty…as if it should be full.

I was pleased with the footage and decided to work more with video.

I had thought about making drawings or paintings from photographs and stills but the video was engaging.

However, as I have already reported in another post, there was so much camera noise as this is only a Lumix bridge camera.

Good quality images but it does not record silence well.

There is a lot in this building.

It rings loud with it.

I made a decision to buy an external Rode mic and use that.

Jane was cleaning after the Whist Drive the night before.

I decided to film the events at the Reading Room and get in touch with local history groups and reading groups etc and talk to them for my research. What was I researching for… I’m not sure?

I also made a lot of sound files which I haven’t actually used. There is a compulsion to record as I didn’t know what I would actually use.

I now have so much material I don’t know what to do with it all.

Here are Soundcloud links to the sounds of Jane cleaning the Reading Room.

Mopping , tidying up and putting rubbish in the bin, pouring water down the drain, in the rear bar.

These are unedited as are all the files and the video is mostly unedited, too.

As I write this I feel I should have been making more of this material before ‘putting it out there’ but I would like jane, Richard and the villagers to have access to it in case they are interested. To Share it in this way…’warts and all’!

It may not be relevant when I next review my proposal for he final stage.

The fact that I was also interested in the RAF Base was starting to concern me.

I felt as if I was doing one thing and thinking another…

I’d been in touch with Paul Mobbs from FRAW  on the 5th March as he knows a lot about RAF Croughton from a Peace activist point of view.

He is a Quaker and attends the local Meeting House in Banbury.

I’ve known him and his family for many years and go to the Meeting House regularly  for meetings as it is a popular venue for talks and so on.

I hadn’t heard back from him and know he is busy but I was confused about my motives for this investigation and what it was that I was trying to represent, let alone how I was going to do it.

If they do control the flying of drones from Croughton  to Yemen and other areas the I am against it…aren’t I?Yet a good relationship between ‘the base’ and the village is important to the village.

Already people had mentioned the fact that it is going to triple in size in the next few years…. but I think they feel ( I don’t know of course) that it may not affect them.

I am constantly trying to analyse just what it is that I am investigating here from a n art and personal point of biew.

Do I want to make a protest…

I don’t think so.

Here are the videos so far. Hopefully more to come soonish.


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