Tutorial with Emily Allchurch and her talk

We had a fascinating talk by Emily which is available on Youtube but Unlisted so I’m not sure about embedding it here…

I will check with Jonathan.

She talked about the development of here practice over the years since her MA and about the process of her work as well as showing us images themselves .

It was very detailed and informative.

Afterwards I was fortunate to have a tutorial and I asked Emily about how she originally came to use light boxes for display. She described work for her MA where she had used a real window to make a lightbox  ( and the conceptual basis behind this…. i.e. a holiday through a window) and how viewing transparencies through a light box had made her wasn’t the same qualities of display for exhibition.

She commented on the stills I had put on my blog and when we discussed the work they were taken form she gave me advice about moving in and out of opacity to real the underlying story… which is obvious really and i had thought of it but got distracted with other things and not worked throughout.

I will now and not get distracted by thinking of making still images…..

It was a really useful discussion…also about the Fosters glass and its relevance/ distraction…. About going back to re-film and maybe moving the glass.

Its funny but i feel really odd about moving things in the Reading Room or any place because it means I have ‘changed it ‘ in some way. A lack of authenticity in the location…..I may just have to refilm in a different direction!


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