Some personal thoughts on memory, re-enactment and archive…

These events are worth noting down as almost simultaneous occurrences for possible reflection at a later date… Just so I don’t forget they happened!

1.This weekend I went to the 80th Birthday party of a family friend.

 It was held on the Great Central Railway based at Loughborough.


The stations along the railway have been recreated along themes from 1940’s to Victorian Times and are used for events and as  film sets.

It’s a proper track, not narrow gauge, so is not dinky toy land but, if you remember the ‘old trains’ like going back i time…

We travelled up and down the track from lunchtime until 5pm in a Pullman carriage having food and drinks and nostalgic chat with Pimms, food and cups of tea.

When we eventually got off in Loughborough it was quite a shock coming out of the station and seeing cars and yellow lines!

2.  As is common at ‘ Big Birthdays!’ there was a display of old photographs on the train.. showing the “Birthday Girl” at various stages of her life..mostly family photographs so lots of the assembled were spotting each other and people they knew, commenting on hairstyles and clothes and events.

Of course the colour, printing and format of the photos was different depending on the time of printing.

3. It was the Anniversary of Waterloo with a huge re- enactment at the Battle site and its of coverage of that…

Reminded me of The Battle of Orgreave ( Jeremy Deller) rather than the other way round.

I was thinking about performance of old conflicts in all ways…

And my thoughts about the ‘ re- creation ‘ of The Reading Room and all  any expectations from my self and others..

4. Walking around Loughborough, which was vaguely familiar because visiting my son there. Finding myself in places I have visited with him and remembering them.

5. Another event  I should have written down but can’t remember…..I may do eventually.

5. A  note pushed through a my letterbox about the A Message Home project at the North West Film Archive.

A friend had visited the Manchester Central Library and thought I may be interested.



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