The Reading Room : single image decision for Emily Allchurch Tutorial

Some ambiguities and conflict

In anticipation of this tutorial I looked at Emily’s work and decided to select some single stills to see what she saw in them.

It was this and the tutorial Blog post here that made me think of printing images and then lead to the idea of a flyer for the Interim Show.

I was happy with this at the time as I felt uncomfortable about showing the videos that I had made at this stage.

I was also thinking through the Research Paper ideas and the feelings of conflict from within the proposed paper, what I want to show at the MA Interim Show, the event I wanted to make at the Reading Room, my feelings for the family whose father worked at the base and  the support shown to me by Jane and Richard were growing.

With these images I wanted to show the overlay of the tangible newspapers and physical prescence of the Reading Room and the affect associated with the place and the action, and the presence of the digital alternative,

EDIT : JULY 2015 Anyway the upshot was that the video was necessary to understand the whole story.

Looking back it was this tutorial that made me think of printing images for use in the Interim Show rather than show the video.


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