Various thoughts on memory, nostalgia, printing, archiving and protest.

13th June – 21st June 2015:

These few days were significant personally for the pov of ‘reminiscence and nostalgia’

Bullet points below:

  • Meeting with old college friend
  • Visit to Butterfly Farm
  • 80th birthday of family friend ( friend of my mother now dead for over 15 years, and mother to my oldest friend- ‘we’ve known each other since before we were born’)
  • Trip on Great Central Railway, Pullman Carriage, stations used for film sets, all different eras.
  • Feelings on emerging from the station into the ‘real world’
  • Feelings of being part of something very ‘old’
  • Being in a place where I have usually been with my son, but was not this time.
  • More printing at Northern House, Oxford and the ‘ powerful magic’ produced
  • Visit to see the Magna Carta at the Ashmolean “To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay right or justice.”
  • Visit to see Marks of Genius and Hooke’s Micrographia ( first printed images)
  • Visit to Ovada to see Art of Protest
  • No pictures but preparing for the American family leaving at the end of July and my feelings about this.





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