Tutorial 9th June 2015- Jonathan Kearney

On Tuesday 9th June 2015 I had a tutorial with Jonathan.

We discussed the following :

1. Interim Show possibilities

I tried to describe how my work was going and what I hoped to do for the Interim Show if there was space.

I found this rather difficult as I am not that clear about what I actually want to do at the Reading Room for the event…

Though I did mention that it will involve using the altered playing cards in a  game and probably making  and throwing paper planes out of newspapers  and just letting people look at newspapers from other countries ( altered or not altered)

I described how I wanted to be able to carry out something…possibly quite a small action at a distance from my home of  the location but with something present in the studio at Camberwell that would initiate ( or not) some contact from an audience there.

So, Maybe a QR code or just a phone number with a simple image, maybe so that people could contact me directly and talk/email/text/ Snapchat whatever about the project.

Of course, I may not actually be there doing anything when they called….. although I will be there as much as I can during the opening.

I was rather vague about this and its ‘smallness’ and thought of it as an experiment to try this ‘distance exhibiting’ for the following year.

Jonathan was encouraging and although he wanted to know what I wanted to do and my vagueness was a concern.. he did say that many years ago he had carried out similar things from Shanghai to Liverpool, where he just went into a cafe and asked people if they wanted to talk to people in the other city ( I hope I have got this right!).

He suggested I write 2 sentences of text to explain clearly what I was thinking about, to display this along with an image 

He suggested that rather than being an experiment for display next year that this was actually part of my existing work and I agree.

I had thought in those terms but not expressed it as such.

Quite a subtle but important difference I feel.

So the challenge is to come up with those two sentences.

Installing for the show should not be a problem if I am unable to get there, though I would like to be involved if possible.

He agreed that I can send images and text for display.

2: Video

I  said that I want the Reading Room project to show an objective point of view or rather just present material and let a judgement be formed.

I didn’t really express myself properly or fully ( regarding the similarities between the communities).

I have explained the locations and situations before, verbally, although they are not recorded on the Blog.

Jonathan asked about the present situation regarding people from the location being aware of the situation.

I explained briefly .

Then I showed a clip of the video material I am working on. RR 5 D Y 2nd shortened for tutorial 9.6.15

We both agreed that at first the video I have appropriated is possibly too powerful for the piece and means that the work loses objectivity.

Then that actually it is just news…

It is just very powerful.

It was useful to chat about the issues around it and  how it links with my proposal for my written research.

Printing and letterpress

I asked if I could access the Letterpress workshop to make posters for the Reading Room event but it will be taken up with final year students now so I will just cut out some letters from cardboard and ink up / print at home, Jonathan made the comment that this may fit the aesthetic but I’m not sure if I agree…

 Dates for Research Paper hand in

I also asked about accommodated assessment for my written research paper as I am concerned about the weather getting warmer and me being reduced to a non- functioning state…

He said that I would be better just working towards the existing deadline.

That it is better to keep on course with dates and that mark -wise it should not affect things too much..

I am still apprehensive but it may work as I acknowledge that I can be obsessive about writing!

Evidence here!

A very useful Tutorial!


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