Adopt a slide

I’m Re-Blogging this post of Pete’s as it is close to my heart for several reasons..
1. The use of slides as a means of documenting and displaying- analogue slides
2. My family are from and some remain in Manchester… ( Well actually Salford but I can’t be partisan in this case..)
3. I went to University the first time a long time ago and nostalgia isn’t what it used to be…!
4. I want other people to adopt a slide as well.

Cheers! and thanks again , Pete


I wrote about the potential demise of Manchester School of Art’s slide archive the other day here and how they we asking people to adopt a slide as a way of highlighting the issue. Well a researcher from the School picked up my block and alerted me to the fact that I could adopt a slide remotely and so that is what I have done.

Here is the slide:


And this is what I have said about it.
I chose to adopt this print because it embodies some of the issues raised by the potential demise of the a physical slide archive at Manchester School of Art.

Every time we create facsimiles of things we transform them and in so doing remove something of the original essence. In this case the slide is already a facsimile of the leaf like print: we can’t feel its texture and the colours we…

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