Small Worlds exhibition, workshops for people with dementia and Sian Macfarlane.

Small Worlds:  exhibition curated by Deborah Robinson at The New Art Gallery Walsall looks at the micro and macro of local and global environment and so is interesting from the pov of Walsall as a community with very mixed ethnicities.

It is a really varied show with some engaging work and some exquisite drawing and photography but this post is not about the show.

Last year, a 12 month placement at NAG I set up a short outreach programme for people with dementia thought the Dementia Cafes in and around Walsall. Myself and artist Ruth Turnbull visited two groups in and I organised a visit to the Garman Ryan permanent collection for a group from Walsall Centre.

Now I’ve been asked to develop a short project specifically to respond to the Small Worlds Exhibition, again working with the Dementia Cafes in Walsall.

It is particularly exciting to be introducing people to contemporary work in a setting they are not used to.

The layout and geography of the building will be challenging from a sensory point of view… lots of reflections on the floor that can be mistaken for pools of water for example.

But it should be enjoyable for the families, I hope and encourage access to the gallery for proper who may not have the confidence to visit otherwise.

Whilst I was visiting I looked at this We are illuminated by Sian Macfarlane. Her blog for the project is here

I loved this small exhibition, curated by Zoe Lippett, and the film was something of a surprise because the artist uses the same techniques of layering and dissolve in her film, as I have been doing in my video.

It works well for her as the film is very much about reminiscence, synchronicity, reveal and illumination.

I’m still not sure I want to use the same technique as I want something rawer and more confusing….

Good to see though and again it has built my confidence to see something projected so large, in a gallery space, which is technically( and conceptually) similar to my work……..

I’ve just looked for some images of this artists work and in doing so found this link… her coincidences emerge and what is interesting  is that i have links to this place also….!


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