Oxford Brookes BA Show

15th May 2015:

I realise now that there is a gap of a few weeks where I was researching film and working on the videos, going to the Oxford Brookes Show here and Lumen.

Things were hotting up work-wise, there were challenges at home and I was feeling not too bright.

These are the posts from then. 

This just shows the work that struck me at the Brookes Show.

It was very polished, presentation wise as always.

Claire met an old student of hers from MK Foundation who mentioned that they show their work before writing their dissertation….on the part-time course anyway… Odd really….

It was interesting to see some of the work I’d seen earlier at Ovada but developed further for the show.

There was a small but impressive selection of video work.

Below  there is a screen showing work from different points of view.. looking at itself I seem to remember.

Quite a bit of ‘materials’ work, smell, spices etc which I have now seen elsewhere too.

A sort of digital Anish Kapoor piece with Oval projection that looks 3D and some work with what I assume is some interactive 3D digital mapping on the squares and rectangles which was coded a you watched to change the interaction.


Adrian Pawley had a hand in this I expect.

There was also a really raw video of an autobiographical diary piece projected in the ‘cinema’ are.

Very rough, personal and poignant.

I’ve got rid of the catalogue sadly so can’t name the artists but it’ll be on the site here.

Just realised why it was so quiet at the beginning.

Everyone must’ve buggered of to hear Will Gompertz ( a coup for Alison Honour!)

and I’m sure I saw Paloma Faith there too…….



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