More thoughts on the CSM show and how it affects possible presentation of my work.

Here are some thoughts that I had after the CSM Show which I wrote a post about here.

But it made quite an impression on me from the point of view of how I could display work and what it was about as a Show, not just as individual pieces.

So I decide just to post these points  so hopefully I can think about them again!!!

  • Altermodern
  • viewer/ participant relationship
  • disrupting space between painting culture drawing  digital film………all mixed up
  • colour
  • light hearted .
  • critical of conventional relationship with art
  • installation
  • like a market that you stroll through and browse.
  • not tired at the end
  • enjoyable
  • part of it
  • show felt as a whole show of creativity not necessarily individuals
  • something to do with the space itself
  • used the space really well and felt bedded in.
  • possibly critical/ political  but nothing that really struck me as such …
  • more about conventions of art and playing around colour and plastic?

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