Central St Martins Degree Show 2015

Here are some images of the work in the show that caught my eye. My phone ran out of charge though so I have missed some of the work I did also find interesting.  Generally, the show was very different from recent shows, I felt.

Hardly any straightforward  painting/ drawing…

In fact there was a lot of colour and objects displayed in association with other objects and materials..

There was evidence of a bit of Ryan Gander goes Debra Delmar Corporation  with a bit of Kapwani Kiwanga and Isabelle Cornaro thrown in…..

BTW … NOTE TO SELF>>> RYAN G has made some altered playing cards!!!

Selling at 40 quid a pack! I’ll have a closer look…

Anyway, back to the degree show.. there was a lot of video incorporated in to other work  often as a sort os semi-installation/sculpture. But not a lot of coding/ programming ‘digital’ work that I could see apart from a video game…

In fact the lines between all disciplines were distinctly blurred, I felt… despite the catalogue describing the pathways for each student…

I don’t remember this in the past… and you had to pay for the catalogue and there were essays in it so it was real Art Publication…

I realised on Friday as I was driving to the station to pick Andrea up that it all reminded me of the show Altermodern at the Tate all those years ago  (2009) based on Nicholas Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics… ANOTHER NOTE TO SELF…. must read this again….

The works that particularly interested me were:

Eleanor Turnbull: Sea Front ( moving image) and Chalk Circle ( performance).. because there were some similarities between these works and things i have made in the past…although when I spoke to the artist it turned out that her reasons for making her work were very different from mine…

That’s interesting in itself…

The others I really liked are here but unfortunately I can’t find the artists cards or their names in the catalogue so will add later..

This one;


interested me and it had projections from both sides through several layers on one side of ? muslin type fabric? and a reflection from a mirror on the other end reflected onto the wall… of the same image? can’t remember..but the ideas were interesting by Mikako Mitani Memory Overlap

Is the title a reference to coding/ programming?

The others were :


Rachel C Kremer ‘Common Ground’ MA Photography.

4 videos of different locations UK and further afield exploring boundaries and ownership and delineation of territory..

It reminded me of some of the video sketches I’d done of walking in London and Prenteg but not really pursued.

We had good chat about geography and location and roaming and so on and she told nm about a conference at CSM on Location and Site ,Sensingsite  on Thursday which would be fab to go to but I am working and there’s a Rail Strike anyway..

However its a brilliant link to a useful site for research… lots of references.Very helpful .

This work was also fascinating by another MA Photography student:


 I was given a boarding card ( can’t find it now!!) and entered the capsule of  a ‘plane’. The video concerned various references to being lost and searching ( including Screen recorder images… again!) clever but clear and well executed, performative interactive… the whole bag! and as the artist said…’ there’s still a little bit of photography in there’… the video…again useful references for me and I left feeling that despite living in the sticks that my efforts to’ keep in the loop’, finger on the pulse and  and ‘ride the Zeitgeist’ or whatever the phrase is now… that it is paying off to some extent….

 Excellent show though.

 Thoroughly enjoyed it and bumped into Jean Stockwell as well so that was great to catch up and discuss the work with someone…

 Nice work with the Arduino, Jean !


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