The Reading Room

I’m making this post in a hurry as we have the second of our Group Skype Chats this afternoon and I hope to get some feedback on work I have been doing since the end of February.

I’ve been collecting material mainly in the form of photographs, sound recordings and video of a building in a nearby village in Northamptonshire called the Reading Room.

I have been visiting the RR and meeting the people from the village who use it as a community venue for Whist Drives, coffee mornings and other social events.

At the moment I am not going to post any more information as I hope that the members of my group will just look at the footage I will show them on Vimeo and tell me what they see without the overlay of any more context than this..

Apart, of course, from the fact that they know my past work and maybe familiar with my proposal.

I am protecting the videos I am making in this project with a Password as they are very experimental and I am not sure yet of the direction.

I am new to video and so want to see how the shots and techniques of transition etc work …

What context other bring to the work as well. This video is a basic introduction to the work.

I have been working on others but have decided not to show them to my colleagues yet as I have lots of decisions to make and techniques to improve… I’m don’t usually work like this  so this is a new approach.

I’ve been looking at Theresa Hak Kyung Cha and Stan Douglas again as they use dissolve and overlay very effectively as a technique despite it often being a bit ‘cliched’ I feel….?

I will write more on this post after the Group Chat about how I want the work at the Reading Room to progress and how I would like to to fit into the interim exhibition in July, if possible.

Below are some images of some ‘playing cards’ I am making for possible use in the Reading Room at some stage….


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