Praxis Software…. a workshop sometime ago!

Finally after a month of all sorts of things, some good and some not so good, I am back to catching up on this: Reminding myself what I have done and reflecting upon it.

The reflection will be interesting as it is so long since the event….. my recollections will be different from the way they were initially.

Especially as I have thought about them frequently over the past weeks despite not having the time or energy to commit to this Blog.

The plasticity of memory and how it changes with recollection and personal and social context has been looming large in my reading.

Maybe I’ll even be able to find some of the references to remind myself where I read about it and use it any writing…

Anyway, In April I went this workshop on Saturday 18 April:

It was another of the VideOvada workshops set up by Adrian.

Interactive Demonstration of Praxis LIVE  and Preview of the Workshop Outcome 

Praxis LIVE is a free, open-source software for making audio-visual performance tools, projections and interactive spaces. Join lead-developer Neil C Smith and Naomi Morris to create interactive projections and explore how Digital Prisoners use Praxis LIVE in their work. Laptop useful but not essential. 

It was very useful especially from the point of view of being able to create live overlay of observers incorporated into an installation or event.

Neil and Naomi often use it for dance events in and around Oxford but I could see how I may want to use it, possibly in the future with the video I am working on for the Reading Room…

The disadvantage is that my laptop is too old to run Java 7 or 8 which is necessary for Praxis.

I have just got a new Desktop with a big screen so I can see better  so I can’t afford to get a new laptop unless I really need to use this.

I will think about a reconditioned PC if necessary and a laptop would be hang for other projection stuff but won’t try it yet until I’m sure I need it..

It seems fairly simple to use.

Here are some pix of the event, some show how it can be used.

It can be used for overlay and so hypermediate an event.

Maybe I can do this similar in other ways…

Do I really want to do this and why?

Should I just crack on and do it anyway?

I guess I would do if I had the cash? time to try it along with a ll the other things I want to do…..

I need some clarity , which still isn’t present yet even though I am writing this nearly month after the event.

Hope fully writing the bog and the reflection will help me with this process..

Clare Carswell had her laptop with here and used it do show a drawing being erased and made at the same time.

We discussed what we could do within the limitations of iMovie and maybe Final cut and how this would be different i.e. in an interactive setting.

The question now is to rurally con side what I want to do at the Reading Room and what is actually most appropriate… so consider my main objective… Difficult as when I work with others it is easy to do what they would like or expect… as this is what is necessary in my community -based work…

It’s not about me!

Whereas my own work, of course , has to be different and I have to keep pushing that forwards for myself or they can both start to merge.

Participative does not necessarily mean that the artist does to have autonomy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also met Clare Carswell there.

We had a good discussion about our practices and Joan Jonas.

She has a performance side to her practice too so that is good to find another middle-aged woman, locally who works in a similar way.

I have met her at other events, including the CDAN event the week before which I will write a post about… if I haven’t ….I can’t remember


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