The Reading Room : Developments after 8th visit

 3rd to 5th May 2015:

After my last visit to the Reading Room I started to concentrate on bringing the news on line and the news papers in the Reading Room together in video.

I started working on using the stills from webpages as seen in previous post and material I found in web searches saved as screen recordings together with video of me and Jane reading newspapers the Reading Room.

I’d seen an example of using the Screen recorder in the Ruskin Shorts show

I selected news content for the on- line sources that followed teaching about RAF Croughton.

Just following links from page to page as I searched.

As I searched the links took me away from my normal searches and into places i did not know and where I felt uncomfortable but still I searched.

So from the Guardian on-lne I found myself on the site of an Arabic Press.

I could not read the text but had linked to a video.

Some of the video was distressing as it was from CCTV footage inside a hospital (I think in Yemen but I can’t be sure).

I experienced watching an armed man in black shooting people in the corridor and outside near an ambulance.

Prior to that I saw people fleeing as a bomb went off unexpectedly.

I do not usually watch these channels.

I was in another digital continent, not because of the geographical location but because of the content.

Because I couldn’t read the text I  couldn’t fully understand the context of the videos, who had posted them or why.

It made me feel very uncomfortable.

I saved them to use as material for future work.


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