The Reading Room : 8th visit


Before the events in my last post this had happened  Nepalese earthquake on 25th April and there was lots of astounding video footage on YouTube and  from the  Avalanche in Everest which was worse than the one the previous year.

8th Visit : 30th April 2015

I wanted to bring world events back to the Reading Room as it is now isolated through its lack of Broadband connection, lack of mobile connection except on a couple of networks and poor analogue radio signal.

I brought in some of the papers I had received from donors and some that I had bought on trips to Oxford and London.

You can only get China Today in Sainsburys, Banbury.

When I asked at WHS for a Washington Post they looked at me as if i was crazy…

So I made some video of Jane and myself just looking through the international newspapers in the Reading Room.

The papers were mainly American but UK Press, Arabic and the same, China today and some European, French, Spanish and German but all bought in the UK.

The tables were all set up for the Coffee Morning.

I’m not sure. I will have to look but I think that by this time the Earthquake was old news and not headlining the papers any more.

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