The Reading Room : Developments after 7th Visit

28th April 2015:

These are a series of images as screen shots I took from news websites I found on line.

I’d been looking at lots of stuff related to RAF Croughton,  it’s expansion over the next few years and its possible involvement in drone attacks.

Apart from my natural inclination to be really angry about this and want to stop it, I wanted to take a step back and observe it differently. I saved these images and started to think about how to work on mixing video and stills, what to keep and what to throw away and what to make evident, what to ‘hide’.

I am considering the two audiences of the community who have welcomed me in to work with them and how I have described what I am doing, and a wider audience who are less concerned about the domestic impact of poor broadband in the village and more concerned about the communications at USAF Croughton and the actions these may or may not be connected with….

I feel an element of deceit, despite the fact that I am interested in the situation of communication and lack of it, as a whole.

I feel occasionally like a ‘spy’ rather than an observer.

The village community and base are so separate but so interconnected that it is difficult to negotiate whilst remaining open to interpretations.


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