Godswell Park Art Exhibition

Also during the ‘ Easter Break’ I curated and hung this exhibition at Godswell Park Care Home.

None of the members of the Art Group had, to my knowledge, ever exhibited before and derived a lot of pleasure and confidence from showing.

The Private View was well attended by family and friends and several other visited over the 2 weeks it was open.

Here are some images of the exhibition.

Most of the members of the group are over 90 …although most are under 100  ( at the moment).

Expectations are high and I hope I apply a gentle rigour to tuition/ facilitation during the sessions.

There are ethical considerations when working with vulnerable clients in this situation and confidentiality (esp. regarding people being identified in images) is a permanent consideration.

The venue and mode of presentation has to suit the audience of mainly family members and carers, and the venue but the level of professionalism is the same as for any curatorial task.

The presentation of the work in this case highlights the level of skill of the artists as any display of work does.

Paula ( Arts Development Officer Cherwell) visited and commented on the skill of execution and strong observational skills of the artists.


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