Claire’s Graduation in the Sheldonian

I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago but somehow Easter and gardening got in the way….

I was privileged  to go to Claire’s graduation from her Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology course at UnIversity of Oxford Department of Continuing Education.

All graduations are a marvel of ritual performance; hierarchy, celebration, exchange, costume, rite of passage.

All that stuff.

This had extra layers on the cake, taking place in the Sheldonian Theatre.

It was in some ways like stepping back in time.

Here are some of the images but the quality is poor as they are from the upper balcony and on my iPhone.

Apart from the spectacle and sharing Claire’s achievement with Martin and Damon and her colleagues I also saw…at a distance…. an old friend I have lost contact with. ( We had our first children within a couple of days of each other, 20 years ago)

I wondered what the equivalent in the  digital environment of this was…. seeing someone on a friend of a friend of a friend’s list perhaps..


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