Evan Roth : Voices over the Horizon

I  nipped in to this at Carroll/Fletcher on Eastcastle Street on my way home from a seminar

(‘The use of herbal medicine alongside conventional medicine to enhance patient outcomes” by Prof. Elizabeth Williamson from Reading University)

Evan Roth- Voices over the Horizon

In the first room area  ‘ Dances for mobile phones’ made me think of Trystan Williams’ work…mobile phones…humour…. and our relationships with our devices. ( I told him about it and he went to see it…)

There were also a series of black and white photos of areas of Cornwall where Roth took a trip following fibre optic internet cable that replaced early telegraph cabling.

He used ghost hunting technology to re-establish and record a ‘spiritual connection’ with this ‘seemingly invisible force swarming around us‘ and combined the photographic images with readings from the devices laser etched into the surface of the work.

They were rather poignant and beautiful and showed how our wider field of vision has become restricted to a small screen from an expansive environment


Some of the other live stream, http://www.voicesoverthehorizon.com, sonograms and digital prints are also shown.

I find the live stream strangely comforting.…I’ve used it as background while I work.

The video Total Internal Reflection combining sound and visuals from different locations was very effective and ‘Veil of Isis’ which is  a levitating satellite navigation system….!


This was fun too.

Glad I saw it. Lots of thoughts about the invisible presence and surveillance and the reality of our relationship with the internet compared with possible utopian ideal at the beginning.

So some of this was relevant  to my practice wrt to invisible presence and geography.


In total contrast I went to look at a studio space in Quaker Mission Hall in Sibford Gower….Took no images but the sense of the place stays with me as I type… the smell of the building and the memory of the old stone flags and wooden lintel.

Then went for a cup of tea at the Meeting Room. I discovered that it was only in the 1800’s that non-conformists were allowed to  be buried on consecrated ground... have I got this right?! amazing if so.

So thoughts of space and place. ( Added later… this becomes more relevant…)

Note to self… must go to see the Martin Parr at Compton Verney.about Non-Conformists in Hebden Bridge…. Who knows, there might be a photo of my Aunty Christine and Dorothy…….


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