Well there still seems to been awful lot going on on the family/work front and also a pop-up show at Camberwell which I sadly couldn’t get to.

I sent a pretty rubbish early video thing which is technically at Yr 6 primary level or possibly below but does sort of show what I was thinking about at the time… probably way too literally..

Anyway I sent it to Jonathan and hopefully he managed to show it on a screen somewhere in the studio.

I did feel as if  my actions were rather like those of the colleagues we have all met, who leave all the clearing up and wall and floor painting to others and then turn up with a massive plinth/painting/installation and just plonk it in the studio in a prime position, when everyone else has done the prep.!!!!

I really hope this wasn’t the way it came across.

I just wanted to ‘whack’ something in to feel part of the group and see if there was any feedback from anyone, anywhere…

Jonathan also told us about the Lumen Art Prize at the Crypt Gallery in May which he is curating.

More thinking about ways in which I may be able to be involved constructively, the logistics and impact on other essential ‘life stuff’ and what should take priority….

I know what I want to do but….

My main area of thinking has been about what the stuff I have been investigating is acy=tually about..

I’ve sort of got the simple theoretical base but I need to know what I have actually been doing so I can do it again (or not ) appropriately with the next thing I am thinking about..

Essentially the work I have been doing up to now has just been an intuitive investigation of memory, ways of recording ‘it’  and remediation of ‘it’ with site- specific references and ..

I didn’t set out to ‘make work’ but just to ‘ do stuff’ and see what happened, a bit like Dirk Gently (sort of) following the car in front….

Then to see what I had done and what it was telling me…

Process- based investigation and all that…

So, finally I think I may have some clue.

I’ve had to spend some time in bed this week and have allowed myself to read a bit more randomly and just doze in the hope that this allows some new connections to be made in my ever shrinking brain.

I’ll have to forgive myself for stating the obvious to some extent but I may need to remind myself of this from time to time….. and of course it may change…….

The repeated re-projection of the site-specific video on to the origin site of making progressively re- mediates the image in a desire for, and reinforcement of, immediacy.

The resulting imagery is actually convoluted ( Tristan’s ? word) ; progressively unrecognisable, distorted, degraded but somehow I think, despite this and the obvious hyper- mediation, it has an immediacy of its own… a new quality of experience……

To tie this into context of my proposal and community-based practice:
Constant remembering can be see to be a re- mediation through the memory process.

The remembering process is continually subjected to  an ‘overlay’ of the immediate ( of that time of remembering) on to the ‘document’ or ‘record’ ( i.e. memory).

This is then altered and the immediate ( the memory in the process of being remembered)  is contaminated by the record.

Also Vice versa, the  remembered record ( or remediated imagery) impacts upon the immediate present  and contaminates/ convolutes and distorts it.

This brings me nicely back to Derrida which is where I left off at end of my BA……..discourse about memory and writing/ speech /living memory. This reference from The Philosophy of Derrida by Mark Dooley and Liam Kavanagh,  (2014 ) Chapter Two,  sort of helps me fit the things together.

But I’ve also been considering what David White said about us ‘disclosing the underlying ideology of the digital’..and wondering about all sorts of ideologies….

esp. political ideology in Britain just a few weeks before a General Election….More about this in another post…

From the point of view of my research so far I think it may reference the ideology of memory and so the impact of this on the perception of the present… and so has links with history and historiography and all that…

From the point of view of social impact I feel that the extent of the hyper mediation and the speed of remediation means that any record is both immediate

There is, with the speed and range of techniques of re-mediation which are possible now, an excessive  craving and  desire for absolute immediacy through remediation, combined with a similar excessive craving and desire for ‘record’ and ‘ history -making’ which exist co-dependantly.

Maybe this has always been the case but the speed and ‘ size’ now are possibly fuelling the excess and consequently leading to distorted and convoluted experiences which then seem to be a ‘reality’……

The big question now is how to fit these thoughts into the work I am thinking about  next… or rather be aware of them as I start to make the work, so that they can become  explicit and less hidden….maybe……


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