Mid Point Review – March 2015

This video describes some of my making and thinking so far.

It also addresses how I plan to move forwards in the near future.

I looked back at my most recent draft proposal, after making the video, and feel my proposal question and aims are still relevant at this point.

How can digital technology contribute to the re-animation of action or event residue and demonstrate its relationship with the present and future?



I am interested in the way we document and archive past events, the overlay of memory of past and present, and the fluid space in between.

Previously I have written about the use of drawing as a form of mutable documentation and how it contributes to the recording of ‘ different remains of performance, actions or acts; those that are immaterial.. ‘(Schneider, 2001).

My birthplace and previous professions , have strong associated traditional rituals with contemporary links with and dependence upon digital technology.

My practice responds to sites close to ‘home’, to generate work through action, which is documented, becoming a secondary work.


  • To combine the use of digital technology with physical action, objects and images (remains of place, time and events) to produce work that evokes emotional affect in a viewer.
  • To use digital technology and traditional art practice to make manifest concepts such as impermanence, change, continuation and layered co-existence, rather than static archive.

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