Salt Way – Final projection and re-projection summary ( Re-mediation and memory)

Gosh! Apparently it’s been month since I made these…. and not yet posted….

I have thought a lot about them and read a lot too, in-between.

I’ve been thinking about these so much and about what I am doing but not posted anything!

Not good reflective practice….Eh!

So finally I understand that I am Re- mediating these videos until the original  image is finally almost destroyed…

When Dave Charlesworth saw this and the original he saw the same.

It has made me think much more about the processes of Hyper and Remediation in all contexts and to be aware of it.

Especially after reading most of… but not all yet… of Remediation : Understanding New Media by  David Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin ( see also notes on Tutorial 2)

“Media critics remain captivated by the modernist myth of the new: they assume that digital technologies such as the World Wide Web, virtual reality, and computer graphics must divorce themselves from earlier media for a new set of aesthetic and cultural principles. In this richly illustrated study, Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin offer a theory of mediation for our digital age that challenges this assumption. They argue that new visual media achieve their cultural significance precisely by paying homage to, rivaling, and refashioning such earlier media as perspective painting, photography, film, and television. They call this process of refashioning “remediation,” and they note that earlier media have also refashioned one another: photography remediated painting, film remediated stage production and photography, and television remediated film, vaudeville, and radio”

How it affects what we can understand from the medium how we receive it and therefore interpret it. How this can be used as manipulative tool and how when we do it ourselves… maybe in the process of awakening or  revisiting memory for instance) …. it  alters and changes the experience….. which is then carried forwards for it to happen again…

This fits with the ‘plasticity of memory’ idea.

 I am thinking more about forgetting than remembering…. am I repreatingmyself in this blog… or am I forgetting what I have already written and writing it again……..

Anyway the first video below was made when `i reprojected the one made siome time ago on to the site of the original making of the original video, one very cold night when it was getting very cold.

Helen and I were crouched down  and almost froze in position I seem to remember……

This time there was no-one else around to witness what was happening, although I think someone was working in one of the fields nearby.

 It was also very dark when we finished and had to walk back down the bridleway, almost unable to see our way.IMG_1031

You can hear the digger/ tractor on the soundtrack I think

The layers are getting more and more difficult to decipher, both of sound and image

In this case the original soundtrack can’t really be heard as it was cold and my gloves were covering the mic. ,I think, to add to the separation….

At one point I was so uncomfortable and the whole situation so ridiculous that I started to snigger uncontrollably.

Helen thought I was crying ( with pain???) but in fact I was just laughing….

You can hear here enquiring if i wanted to cut.

By the end we were almost hysterical…..

The images though are quite interesting and somewhat beautiful…. Some viewers have likened the to the night sky!

Really I was just interested in the process and what it could tell me about my practice….but maybe i ca do something with the imagery as well….


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