Last day of the Low Residency.

Thursday 5th March was the last day of the Low Residency this year.

In the morning we had a presentation from Hannah Breslin from SEE Student Employability and Enterprise.

She gave a very concise presentation about the advice the service provide and how it is geared specifically towards graduates with arts backgrounds to help us bridge the gap between commercial and corporate requirements and terminology and what we can provide.

It was very useful especially the section about funding for projects particularly in the final year of this MA.

It made the whole thing seem much more tangible and useful apart from the satisfaction gained from following the path of our own project proposal.

The  followed a group exercise on reflective practice and how we use our blog.

Using individual and small group exercises we looked at our own and colleagues blogs for examples of when and how we had been effective  ( and not so effective) in reflecting constructively via the blog.

It was hard not to get caught up in a discussion about sour work but to keep focussed on the reflective process… an indication I think of what happens in our own practices if we are not careful.

It was all great to look at each others work and reminded me what useful resource my colleagues blogs can be.

There were three questions for us to answer at the beginning of the exercise and again at the end.

  1. What do I make?
  2. What have i done well so far?
  3. What can Improve on?

The whole exercise was strictly timed which really helped us to focus.

So my answers are:

  1.  At the moment I am making work to help me to understand the questions I want to ask in my proposal. To clarify them for myself before moving on. The work is a process of exploration rather than any finished pieces of work although i may be able to take some images out from work which could be presented for their aesthetics as well as exploration of ideas.
  2. I have explored ideas relating to ‘ the digital’ in a broad context and extended my vision of a digital geographical 3,4 and possibly more dimensional space. I have related these to 2D historical practice and contemporary social practice in terms of a medium of communication .I have produced lots of fairly diverse work relating to processes of Remediation and Hypermediation, in particular.
  3. I reflect generally well on context and making but not actually on the the work I produce. That is, I talk about the work but not the essentials of my identity, my beliefs and values.  I ‘ know’ these and so  do not make them explicit to myself or to anyone else via the blog.

I guess there is also  a danger then that they may be less explicit in the work itself and also when I need to make what I do visible to other people ………

I need clarity even if the nature of the work is not clear in itself.

I remember Sarah Cole saying, at a similar point in the bA that my work would not necessarily ever have intrinsic clarity…. but I must not remember to make clear the other factors.

At that time my work was about my own personal mythology.

Now it is much more about the intersection of a community ‘mythology’, identity and memory.

After this very useful exercise we had very interesting talk by David White, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at UAL and formerly at Oxford University.

We discussed the idea of digital residents and visitors rather than ‘ natives and immigrants’ and the idea of Post- Digital, as the position we are in now. ie. that digital technology has ‘ disappeared into use’  Can’t remember who originally said this.

…It was a lively discussion.

One of the most memorable events was where he had lots of pieces of paper unfilled lying on the table…when he was searching for one in particular, one of our cohort said’ You’ve got too many tabs open!’

That said it all really…. same process…different medium…

 The key thoughts he expressed at the end were 

That there is an Ideology trapped within the code of the Digital that is not ideologically neutral and that maybe it is the job of us as artists to make this dominant ideology visible where it is normally invisible to users.

Very, Very exciting stuff!

Oops! I almost forgot….at the end we all went to the pub in Camberwell Green…

It has been fantastic getting to know the other students and talking about there work… Donald and his thoughts too, of Ffestiniog!!…. now who would have thought it!

Pascale , Jason and Yvonne are dealt to me know!

Anqi and her travel to London to study and her animation,

Charles and discussions ranging from 3D projection to Minority Report and lots in between….

The Low Residency has had a profound effect on my feelings of belonging to the group and Camberwell, given me a sense of being rooted  and helped spark off my ideas in a new direction which  feels more of a consolidation than further fragmentation….This is good…

I can see the next section of the path ahead..


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