Low Res (partial) Experience

Last Tuesday was the start of the Low Res.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get there for the first two days due to work and family commitments but I managed to make Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Here’s a review of some of the most significant events and my feelings about it as well as some other thoughts it provoked.

I’m aware thought that I am having lots of thoughts and reflections that don’t make their way into this blog…. they pop into my mind at 3 and 4 in the morning… and if I wrote them all down I’d get no sleep!

Also that I spend a lot of time thinking and reading but not as much time as I should actually making!

I am really sorry to be missing todays Tech Workshop which would have been invaluable!

as would yesterday’s Collaborative Workshop.

Regarding ‘Possibilities’ these would have opened up a lot for me… However… I must make the most of the opportunities I have here rather than sliding into despondency!

So… Notable things about the Low Res:

  1. Meeting fellow students-  It was great meeting Jason, Yvonne and Pascale an all the other students on the full-time course.  What I like most of all is being with people from such diverse cultures, listening to their perspectives and ideas. Seeing people ‘for real’ after our Skype chats was great.
  2. Being in Camberwell, actually at the College… the smell of it, the ‘art school’ feel that the place still has… that rather ‘ramshackle’ quality that comes from creative energy, the library ( as soon as I go in there and look at a few books ideas start to flow that get ‘stuck’ so easily at home. This is made somewhat worse as I now use a Desktop in my dining room rather than my laptop in the studio for this sort of thing. It reaffirmed the fact that I do need to get ‘into my space’  to generate work.
  3. The Letter- Press Print Workshop was a perfect example of this. The Technician, James ( i think) was really thorough in giving background history to Letterpress and Gutenberg and letting us run free in the workshop to produce all sorts of ‘bits of stuff’! Great fun and as always wonderful to be working alongside other people. I may make another post specifically about this with the references etc.
  4. I nipped into the South London Gallery and looked at the Isabelle Cornaro ( Like the video but the installation left me feeling rather cold) then to the cafe for a quick cuppa before the 436 to Paddington.There I saw Paul O’Kane who was my dissertation tutor at CSM in 2011! I thought of him the other day actually whilst watching the BBC 4 documentary on Kraftwerk. ( he referenced them in one of our sessions about proof-reading…  as Kraftwerk moments… I’ve never forgotten it!).  I was amazed that he actually remembered my dissertation…. not sure if that was in a ‘good way’..Whatever the reason it helped to make me feel ‘connected’ again with this world. Not the way I feel when at home in my dining room trying to find head space for my own work…
  5. That evening I had an interesting conversation with Andrea who I stayed with in Paddington. As usual, after not seeing a friend of a long time, the conversation jumps around topics but one that we hit on was the gender issues… It got me to thinking about some of the issues that have arisen from reading Susan Best – Visualising Feeling. I’ll do a separate blog later.
  6. The following lunchtime I had a tutorial with Dave Charlesworth…. see earlier post.             I found the tutorial really useful but apart from the material aspect it made me think very hard about  how much I do want to involve local community and public in work and how to go about this… this participative side. Dave didn’t really think this works as critical audience. I’ still feel it valuable even if iI do get comments such as ‘i don’t rally understand it’ I think the conversations that result are part of my process and work. This community art/ academic art  chasm or bridge is interesting…and I must consider it more for my final piece.Also he challenged my use of an iPhone as being convenient and possibly limiting. I understand what he meant but it fits with my idea of instant documentation and other people’s personal perspectives… also not threatening if I ask people to document for me…
  7. Further explorations with Letter press on the Friday afternoon…James recommended the following                              

I used the work I’d played with the previous day…. exploring texture… and used the letter press to print some punctuation, question marks, exclamation marks and empty word-bubble spaces to try and illustrate how it feel to have dementia…

 Maybe I’ll use them at the event on Friday….?

8. In the evening we had a lecture at CSM with Isaac Julien on the topic of Indigeneity, part of a series on Global Art. It should have been interesting but I found it pompous, rather dull and  ‘old hat’ though very earnest.I felt as if it was addressing issues of yesterday not today!Afterwards Jonathan told us about a project he did in China with some Scandanavian and Chinese artists which I felt was much more topical. In fact at the end of the lecture people were talking about activism… This did inspire me a little..an I started to think about subject matter for a piece of work… so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

9.  On the Saturday we went on a guided tour of Galleries in Deptford, New Cross and Lewisham starting at Bearspace   and finishing at Lewisham Arthouse. It was lead by Tina and was great. Including Enclave on Resolution Way. Lots of small independent galleries showing a range of work by local, community, schools and international artists.Very interesting if exhausting. It did emphasise for me my involvement in community -based arts and how his links with my own practice…And brought up the question of my audience… yet again!!! and also this idea of art as activism and how that works for me.

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