Tutorial 27.02.2015 With Dave Charlesworth

My tutorial with Dave Charlesworth  proved to be hugely beneficial.

HIs critique has made me think very differently about all aspects of the work I presented.

A real shift in my thinking.

I presented the work made on Salt Way which I had been reprojecting and filming, and short clips form work filmed recently but not yet on the blog involving  4 projections to a central point, 2 static and 2 moving.

He gave references to relevant artists such as Duncan Campbell, Corin Sworn, Bill Morrison- Decasia and himself!

also Harun Farocki – The Silver and the Cross. We discussed the personal material I was using in my projections and agreed that I need to move away from the personal.

AS usual the question of audience came up and he expressed concern that:

  1.  By using iPhone footage it would limit me in the future re-projection etc…eg size and quality. He also pointed out the boundaries of the images and how they impacted on the overall image. Using the muslin also took away from the use of the body contours by providing a projection surface which was conventional. ( I did not show the images of projection on the body) .He did felt that using the is hand- held camera was just convenience and to extend the use of technical equipment.In some ways he is correct, I can’t get easily to Camberwell to use the wonderful equipment available there… but I did not get time to discuss my other reasons for using a mobile as camera. What was most interesting and useful was that he felt that the video may not work as a large projection due to the quality. To be honest, because of my inability to foresee this as a possibility I hadn’t really considered that….. He opened me up to greater possibilities!
  2. He felt that the specifics of images and narrative are now important to pursue. I agree and now have ideas to research. Images which are less personal and so readable by others. I’m not sure about this  but have been concerned for sometime about ‘sentiment’ creeping in. He was more concerned that the narrative would not have any real relevance I think
  3.  He felt location was of great importance to me.. again true… and suggested investigating local film archives…Again a great idea.I had thought of that bt was still caught up with using personal footage.
  4. I talked about other people filming any performance and action and he again thought hat using archive footage provided different ‘ Points of View’.I agree but there is something about the ‘Being there’ footage which is important to me wrt to present- day ways of  everyone documenting everything on for Faceboook and on Snapchat. Part of the contrast between Now and Then…
  5.  We also talked about the nature of the gesture. Very relevant.
  6. He spoke very much about the EDIT…. I don’t like editing… either physically or conceptually so this may be difficult.
  7. I think he was meaning… what to use and what not to use in a broader sense when looking at Archive Material.
  8. I guess because there is often so much/ or so little to chose from.

In short the tutorial  made me completely re-assess my direction and content.

Exactly what I needed

In Summary, I need to:

Find a new location and research it.

Consider the narrative and gesture.

Find / make material.

Consider  much wider possibilities of audience and not restrict these in the making or sourcing of the material.

He also mentioned academic rigour, which has made me think that he thought it was rather lacking…. because I’ve been making work with old familiar material I haven’t really underpinned any of it with fresh research…. A warning!

I’ve not looked at the old research again either I must confess…

Time to start anew!

Dave also mentioned the unlikeliness of anyone covering themselves in muslin as part of a participative experience of projection,( such as the one I set up in the studio and showed as video in my tutorial.)

He said people just don’t do it.

I disagree with this, it is not necessarily my experience and think it depends how the situation is set up and the audience.

The Marina Abramaovic exhibitions at the Serpentine and Lisson Gallery and the Pipillotti Rist are examples… maybe that is something about the gesture too.

Dave’s work, from what I have seen, involves much more separation between audience and performance than I like or usually experience.

Maybe this is something to do with where it is shown but I feel it is much more than that….

I did not have time to express my disagreement!… maybe next time!

We also discussed as part of the chat about the nature of Audience, how the public fit in to this.

I’ll discuss more in my blog about the Low Res. all together… but still feel that an non-art public is my audience too….

But it is good for him to challenge this… Maybe I can have both!!! an academic and general public!… Now there’s a thought!

He also mentioned the idea of the artist in the community as an odd person doing odd arty things!

And an artist who uses this and this position as his work… Can’t remember his name…

This made me feel slightly uncomfortable… a bit to close to home…

So In my next blog i really do need to address Jonathan K’s question of ‘ Who were you wen you made this work!?’


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