Evan Roth : Voices over the Horizon

I  nipped in to this at Carroll/Fletcher on Eastcastle Street on my way home from a seminar

(‘The use of herbal medicine alongside conventional medicine to enhance patient outcomes” by Prof. Elizabeth Williamson from Reading University)

Evan Roth- Voices over the Horizon

In the first room area  ‘ Dances for mobile phones’ made me think of Trystan Williams’ work…mobile phones…humour…. and our relationships with our devices. ( I told him about it and he went to see it…)

There were also a series of black and white photos of areas of Cornwall where Roth took a trip following fibre optic internet cable that replaced early telegraph cabling.

He used ghost hunting technology to re-establish and record a ‘spiritual connection’ with this ‘seemingly invisible force swarming around us‘ and combined the photographic images with readings from the devices laser etched into the surface of the work.

They were rather poignant and beautiful and showed how our wider field of vision has become restricted to a small screen from an expansive environment


Some of the other live stream, http://www.voicesoverthehorizon.com, sonograms and digital prints are also shown.

I find the live stream strangely comforting.…I’ve used it as background while I work.

The video Total Internal Reflection combining sound and visuals from different locations was very effective and ‘Veil of Isis’ which is  a levitating satellite navigation system….!


This was fun too.

Glad I saw it. Lots of thoughts about the invisible presence and surveillance and the reality of our relationship with the internet compared with possible utopian ideal at the beginning.

So some of this was relevant  to my practice wrt to invisible presence and geography.


In total contrast I went to look at a studio space in Quaker Mission Hall in Sibford Gower….Took no images but the sense of the place stays with me as I type… the smell of the building and the memory of the old stone flags and wooden lintel.

Then went for a cup of tea at the Meeting Room. I discovered that it was only in the 1800’s that non-conformists were allowed to  be buried on consecrated ground... have I got this right?! amazing if so.

So thoughts of space and place. ( Added later… this becomes more relevant…)

Note to self… must go to see the Martin Parr at Compton Verney.about Non-Conformists in Hebden Bridge…. Who knows, there might be a photo of my Aunty Christine and Dorothy…….



I’ve been thinklng a lot about various political and social ideologies and how they are made manifest in society…

I am not a sociologist and have not studied politics or philosophy beyond investigations necessary for my undergraduate studies and so am rather a simpleton in these matters….

so I am forgiving myself for these ramblings which are probably ill thought out and not rigorous in any academic sense. I am going to just put down the ideologies I am thinking about wrt developing work, and my thoughts.

Reading the Master and Margarita … Stalinist ideology and magic realism.

The relationship between political ideologies and magic realism ????

British political ideology and how it exists today in Party Politics… are any clear ideologies still evident in policy and does this matter?

The Magna Carta (15th June 1215), British Constitution then and now.

The American Declaration of Independence ( July 4th 1776) and US present day ideology

Germany’s surrender ( 7th May 1945) and Nazi Ideology.

Quaker ideology.

Ideology of Reading Rooms this is a useful article  and there is also a fab podcast available by Professor Aled Gruffydd Jone

The ideologies of the the big telecoms  and internet providers.

The ideologies of users of the various webs.


and I’m really not sure enough about the links between these at the moment to say what it is I am trying to do but it’s in there somewhere

Oh yes and the relationship of these to cultural and personal memory!!!!


About time I stopped thinking now for a bit and made some stuff!

Otherwise I’ll disappear down Alice’s black hole……what…? am I mixing things up…

who said KEEP IT SIMPLE.I’ll get back there in the end…


Well there still seems to been awful lot going on on the family/work front and also a pop-up show at Camberwell which I sadly couldn’t get to.

I sent a pretty rubbish early video thing which is technically at Yr 6 primary level or possibly below but does sort of show what I was thinking about at the time… probably way too literally..

Anyway I sent it to Jonathan and hopefully he managed to show it on a screen somewhere in the studio.

I did feel as if  my actions were rather like those of the colleagues we have all met, who leave all the clearing up and wall and floor painting to others and then turn up with a massive plinth/painting/installation and just plonk it in the studio in a prime position, when everyone else has done the prep.!!!!

I really hope this wasn’t the way it came across.

I just wanted to ‘whack’ something in to feel part of the group and see if there was any feedback from anyone, anywhere…

Jonathan also told us about the Lumen Art Prize at the Crypt Gallery in May which he is curating.

More thinking about ways in which I may be able to be involved constructively, the logistics and impact on other essential ‘life stuff’ and what should take priority….

I know what I want to do but….

My main area of thinking has been about what the stuff I have been investigating is acy=tually about..

I’ve sort of got the simple theoretical base but I need to know what I have actually been doing so I can do it again (or not ) appropriately with the next thing I am thinking about..

Essentially the work I have been doing up to now has just been an intuitive investigation of memory, ways of recording ‘it’  and remediation of ‘it’ with site- specific references and ..

I didn’t set out to ‘make work’ but just to ‘ do stuff’ and see what happened, a bit like Dirk Gently (sort of) following the car in front….

Then to see what I had done and what it was telling me…

Process- based investigation and all that…

So, finally I think I may have some clue.

I’ve had to spend some time in bed this week and have allowed myself to read a bit more randomly and just doze in the hope that this allows some new connections to be made in my ever shrinking brain.

I’ll have to forgive myself for stating the obvious to some extent but I may need to remind myself of this from time to time….. and of course it may change…….

The repeated re-projection of the site-specific video on to the origin site of making progressively re- mediates the image in a desire for, and reinforcement of, immediacy.

The resulting imagery is actually convoluted ( Tristan’s ? word) ; progressively unrecognisable, distorted, degraded but somehow I think, despite this and the obvious hyper- mediation, it has an immediacy of its own… a new quality of experience……

To tie this into context of my proposal and community-based practice:
Constant remembering can be see to be a re- mediation through the memory process.

The remembering process is continually subjected to  an ‘overlay’ of the immediate ( of that time of remembering) on to the ‘document’ or ‘record’ ( i.e. memory).

This is then altered and the immediate ( the memory in the process of being remembered)  is contaminated by the record.

Also Vice versa, the  remembered record ( or remediated imagery) impacts upon the immediate present  and contaminates/ convolutes and distorts it.

This brings me nicely back to Derrida which is where I left off at end of my BA……..discourse about memory and writing/ speech /living memory. This reference from The Philosophy of Derrida by Mark Dooley and Liam Kavanagh,  (2014 ) Chapter Two,  sort of helps me fit the things together.

But I’ve also been considering what David White said about us ‘disclosing the underlying ideology of the digital’..and wondering about all sorts of ideologies….

esp. political ideology in Britain just a few weeks before a General Election….More about this in another post…

From the point of view of my research so far I think it may reference the ideology of memory and so the impact of this on the perception of the present… and so has links with history and historiography and all that…

From the point of view of social impact I feel that the extent of the hyper mediation and the speed of remediation means that any record is both immediate

There is, with the speed and range of techniques of re-mediation which are possible now, an excessive  craving and  desire for absolute immediacy through remediation, combined with a similar excessive craving and desire for ‘record’ and ‘ history -making’ which exist co-dependantly.

Maybe this has always been the case but the speed and ‘ size’ now are possibly fuelling the excess and consequently leading to distorted and convoluted experiences which then seem to be a ‘reality’……

The big question now is how to fit these thoughts into the work I am thinking about  next… or rather be aware of them as I start to make the work, so that they can become  explicit and less hidden….maybe……

Reflections on Mid-Point Review Presentation

After some delay, here are my reflections on the Mid-point review presentations.

Overall summary

  • Get the Voice over sound level and the video clip sound level right or no-one will pick up on the point of the pieces..
  • Put even less into the presentation in therms of images/clips but talk a bit more about context.
  • I didn’t reference any artists or any ‘affect’ quotes….I noticed that….
  • Maybe the emphasis seen IS the emphasis I really want to demonstrate.
  • Echoing Dave Charlesworth…use better kit to make the work so it is clearer….AND decide what it is I want to make clearer….!
  • Good link between wider work and practice is visible and this is good… just got to clarify to myself what I really want to say about it..
  • I can use the re-projection idea successfully for future work but must make it clearer.
  •  Think about how to incorporate the muslin body projection overlay? Is this something I can use or was it just part of a process to fins out What it is I am doing?? Has it served its purpose?
  • Cheer up! my voice is dreary and negative… I need to sound more confident…
  • The two audiences focussed on different things….. Why might this be?

Generally, I found it incredibly useful looking at everyone’s work and hearing  their critique, especially following on from some of the conversations we had during the Low Residency.

It was good to be with everyone again and I look forwards to next time. From the point of view of On-line learning it was also an intriguing and exciting exercise…. using Live Youtube Video feed, Google handouts and Skype all at the same time.

We were able to watch the presentations in the studio ( and so see our own work on the screen being viewed by the other students!), listen to the conversation, critique  and background noise from the studio and feed our comments to Jonathan, via Skype text chat. He then relayed them to the rest of the group verbally and if if the comments werefeom on-line students we could read them too.

The timing meant that we were given the link just before those in the studio. This worked wellI could watch the presentation and then listen fully to the comments made by from the  studio as well as comment and read the comments of others.

Of course, for my own presentation it was hard to do both at the same time but the beauty of the system is that their is a record of both conversations to use in this reflection! amazing really. All those BA crits. when I went home on the train and focussed o the one or two comments I remembered and had managed to write down.

We had a system where someone else use to ‘scribe’ for us but the chances were that , even the most dedicated used to actively engage in the discussion and not necessarily record the comments that we felt we most important. I find this interesting in itself from the point of view of :

  • the process of archiving and live ‘record’.
  • the ‘evidence’ of the process of the presentation
  • the perspective of ‘witnessing’ the same event form these different points of view and mediated/ remediated through different methods, software and media

It reminds me of a conversation I had with Charles from the course, in the pub after the Low Res. Week. He was describing the Charlie Hebdo incident and how he had seen the live-feed of the gunmen in the street after the attack in the office. He was painting , I think, in his studio at the time….

His point was… ‘Was he a witness?” He had seen the event unfold, live and seen it on the screen….

I remember my father talking, similarly, about his experience of watching the  SAS storming the Irainian  Embassy siege in 1980 live on BBC when he had turned on to watch the snooker… Anyway, I digress, it really did feel as if I was there.

I actually had some quite difficult issues to resolve at home at the time, whilst I was involved in the presentations. They were unfolding as I watched and contributed to the presentations. My experience of the studio and the Skype group  was ‘ as real’ as the events unfolding at home. I have left it some time to write this post for several reasons.

  1. I had to take a day out the day following to allow some ‘head space from all the intensity of the previous week and day, prior to the next few days. So I did some gardening.
  2. I have been busier with ‘other work’ as several small projects seem to be coming together and, as they are part of the context of my MA work, I need to allow space  as well as association, to keep things moving in the right direction.

I have just wanted to do loads of work following from the impetus generated by this Review but have had a lot of other ‘domestic’ and work stuff going on.

I can’t wait to find some space to ‘do stuff’! So, enough of the general, contextual reflection and on to the my thoughts about ‘my bit’!

I have some thoughts about the fact that there were no comments from anyone Studio and on-line on the earlier video-clips.

  1. I think that the poor audio ‘relationship’ between the voiceover and the audio soundtrack in the video means that it was not possible to read these and so there were no comments on them….
  2. Jonathan did say that it was not a review or assessment of our video making skills but actually if the video was poor, then the practice was unintelligible.
  3. I had difficulties showing enough of my work so that it was understood… but had to heavily edit the various video clips and so something is lost from a. having too many clips and images ( I think I did fall into this category…should have done much less to do more..) and b clips that were too short and so not readable either…
  4. If I made  a presentation again I would be more aware that when it was uploaded on to Vimeo that the sound level would default to that of the loudest ( obvious really!) and so if the voiceover is much louder than the soundtrack the soundtrack will be lost… even if it is not overlaid……I had realised this may be the case after uploading for the second time ( first time had glitch and some info lost) but it was late…I was tired…. etc etc… I really should have re- recorder the voiceover so that didn’t happen…

First up I though it interesting that the audio group focussed almost all on the Re-projection footage. No comments about any other bits of the work.

Trystan liked the convolution of the process of re-projection I like that terminology and will use it.

There was discussion about the ambiguity of the image and its lack of clarity.. nothing recognisable…and whether that mattered…it was more concept than anything visible.

Donald thought that using a better brighter projector and camera to pick the image up may work better…

I am unsure about this… I had wanted some ‘mystery’ and lack of clarity but possibly  it was too much… see later..

Jack thought the idea of the degradation of the image through mediation to the point of distortion was good and that if that could be captured effectively  in a final piece it would work well. He mentioned a piece where someone had re- Instagrammed an image 1000 times

 I’m glad he focused on the degradation and distortion as I think this is what I was getting at… In fact I had no direct objective in my methodology but to simply find out what questions I really wanted to ask… I still need to re assess AGAIN  for my Proposal

Ed Kelly mentioned the sound piece… see below in the Skype chat….where an artist recorded and re recorded their voice until all that were left were the acoustics of the room but not the original signal which was swamped.

I think he said that it could be done in the audio because of the reverb… but it maybe that he was talking about the ‘hangout audio’ not sure.

This sounds really interesting and useful and to find out the motives behind what he was doing… will give it a listen.

Someone mentioned a bizarre nostalgia ( Trystan ?)… Which I really like!!!!!

Charles liked the idea of body as interface….

and Jack commented that it was like a slider with a direct correlation between n’ then and now’ but I wasn’t sure what was… the video I think!.. Interesting.

Donald was confused as to whether the re-projected video was specific to the location as well as being filmed in the location...An interesting and justifiable  discrepancy.

I should have made clearer the Salt Way piece and maybe shown the original first to show its relevance and how that extends to the very ground that the projection is on.

I should have used the site specific terminology as I feel this is very very relevant to the work but didn’t as I think it is a sort of ‘corny’ term! I needed too though.

Jonathan asked the questions to whether the work did show links with my work with people with dementia and Jack said he thought it did. and Trystan? George…

They saw a definite reasoning  behind the process of making work somewhere and the the memory of location and action and the remembering of one but not the other.

This is brilliant and really key, as it means the work is readable even if the images  are ambiguous and lacking in clarity!!!!


I’ve copied and pasted the comments form the Skype chat with my comments/ reflections in red if I need to take action I’ve put ************* [

17/03/2015 13:29:06] Sarah Robinson: Rhiannon… I LOVE popping of fireworks against this image. It’s so strong and I find it  really inspiring 🙂

[17/03/2015 13:29:37] Sarah Robinson: (black and white image with man on bike) I’m glad someone liked this. IT was actually an accident , sort of, but I feel it works well and is humorous and disturbing at the same time…but no-one else saw/ commented on that. that.. On 17/03/2015, at 13:29, Jason Murray wrote: > Fantastic visuals at 00:53  This is the the video of performance action with cassette tape and sound of Sibelius, ‘Finlandia’ Interesting that Jason noticed this. I should talk to him some more about what it was he saw.**************

On 17/03/2015, at 13:29, Sarah Robinson wrote: > Such a clever idea? combination On 17/03/2015, at 13:29,Jason Murray wrote: > Is it Christmas tinsel?  No it’s not but it is a Christmas tree so that was OK but the audio, which is important, wasn’t loud enough on the presentation to show what the piece was about!*******  see post on the Blair Witch and Christmas..

On 17/03/2015, at 13:30, Sarah Robinson wrote: > ‘/‘ not ? On 17/03/2015, at 13:30, Jonathan Kearney wrote: > (Just to remind you all that during the discussion about your work you CANNOT type! You can only listen)

On 17/03/2015, at 13:31, Peter Mansell wrote: > the use of the body as the screen is interesting as is reprojection over the same areas at different times = offeres a real transformation I like Pete’s comment on TRANFORMATION! a useful term Thanks Pete!

On 17/03/2015, at 13:31, Pascale Lemelin wrote: > the muslin as a surface of projection is briliiant

On 17/03/2015, at 13:31, Yvonne Opalinski wrote: > The projection on muslin is haunting. The work really does evoke a sense of the transitory and extends to that notion of time and moment and how it is all fleeting Again, I like some of the descriptions people are using, they are helpful and do reflect what I was aiming for, so that’s good.

On 17/03/2015, at 13:32, Pascale Lemelin wrote: > 4:20 is my favourite part!  Ha ! an image of Pascal and the telephone box library!  Relevant to my future work I hope

On 17/03/2015, at 13:32, Sarah Robinson wrote: > Light/ projections on muslin gives a dream like appearance, it portrays fragility and magic. Really beautiful

On 17/03/2015, at 13:32, Jonathan Kearney wrote: > Pascale 🙂

On 17/03/2015, at 13:33, Pascale Lemelin wrote: > Instead od videos, maybe a reel of photographs with sounds could be interesting too? This was a very useful comment I will keep as an idea to work on!************ Thanks , Pascale

On 17/03/2015, at 13:33, Sarah Robinson wrote: > Who is that at 4.20… Ah! of course….Sarah didn’t meet Pascale in the flesh!  Interesting… still only an on-line presence to Sarah!

On 17/03/2015, at 13:34, Yvonne Opalinski wrote: > Rhiannon has a lot of ideas to follow too On 17/03/2015, at 13:34, Pascale Lemelin wrote: > The message behind the whole idea of the video work is subtle but once you know it it’s get right through My concern is… how explicit do I make it…or not…? One to ponder and discuss with others…**************

On 17/03/2015, at 13:35, Yvonne Opalinski wrote: > Seems she is experimenting in a very positive way to find her focus This is encouraging

On 17/03/2015, at 13:36, Jason Murray wrote: > I like the idea of playing with the monoprint residue rather than the archival print Jason always likes the things I enjoy doing most! I will have to meet him and have a chat about his rotoscoping and how some of our techniques are sort of similar but not….*************

On 17/03/2015, at 13:37, Pascale Lemelin wrote: > did charles mention an artist?

On 17/03/2015, at 13:37, Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm wrote: > I find the idea of filming something on location and then projecting it back on the location – but the interesting question would be how to “grasp” the influence the projection has on the location. I find this a very useful question I must think about more. ***********

On 17/03/2015, at 13:38, Jonathan Kearney wrote: > it was a sound piece called ‘sitting in a room’ – Ed knows the name… On 17/03/2015, at 13:38, Edward Kelly wrote: > “I am sitting in a Room” by Alvin Lucier*****  I will listen to this but have not been able to give it full attention yet *********

On 17/03/2015, at 13:38, Pascale Lemelin wrote: > Thank you On 17/03/2015, at 13:38, Jason Murray wrote: > 1969

On 17/03/2015, at 13:39, Edward Kelly wrote: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jU9mJbJsQ8

On 17/03/2015, at 13:40, Pascale Lemelin wrote: > a bit like a font i discovered today by nellie brody which was basically helvetica ran through photoshop many times and altered and became a completely different font. it could be done with rhino’s work I will check this out too  Thanks again Pascale!********

On 17/03/2015, at 13:41, Pascale Lemelin wrote: > SORRY : *Rhiannon On 17/03/2015, at 13:41, Rhiannon Evans wrote: > Rhino! I like it! Never been called that before, I’ll keep it! 🙂

So, most of my thoughts are actually reviewed at the top of this blog. I’ll post some more comments of other peoples when I’ve had a break and possibly post some more reflections before I start on the NEXT PHASE and update my PROPOSAL!

Mid Point Review – March 2015

This video describes some of my making and thinking so far.

It also addresses how I plan to move forwards in the near future.

I looked back at my most recent draft proposal, after making the video, and feel my proposal question and aims are still relevant at this point.

How can digital technology contribute to the re-animation of action or event residue and demonstrate its relationship with the present and future?



I am interested in the way we document and archive past events, the overlay of memory of past and present, and the fluid space in between.

Previously I have written about the use of drawing as a form of mutable documentation and how it contributes to the recording of ‘ different remains of performance, actions or acts; those that are immaterial.. ‘(Schneider, 2001).

My birthplace and previous professions , have strong associated traditional rituals with contemporary links with and dependence upon digital technology.

My practice responds to sites close to ‘home’, to generate work through action, which is documented, becoming a secondary work.


  • To combine the use of digital technology with physical action, objects and images (remains of place, time and events) to produce work that evokes emotional affect in a viewer.
  • To use digital technology and traditional art practice to make manifest concepts such as impermanence, change, continuation and layered co-existence, rather than static archive.

Reading Room: The beginning: 1st and 2nd Visits


I’ve decided to write up my work from the last ‘term’ all at once and in retrospect.

Partly this is a pragmatic decision.

I have been very busy, particularly lately with other family things and didn’t have the time to write and do at the same time.

Also, I wanted to reflect from a distance and use Memory, which is part of my investigation, as a process to act on what I have been doing.

Of course this means that some of the possibly important things will be forgotten.

But also I will think of others, as they arrive during the writing of this.

So it will be a reflective diary, but from a distance.

I have been reflecting constantly whist doing. As most of us do…before sleep, whilst waking in the night, in the shower, waiting at a bus stop, on a train… all those things. They are the reflections I cannot write down. They become part of my process but are undocumented.

As part of a wider investigation and as part of my original Research Proposal then, these are important thoughts… but not made visible, and as conscious thought are not remembered.

They have made me act the way I have though, and so are part of the work.

I may already have written something about this first visit in post but have not checked and if I have, will comp[are the two afterwards.

I know I have somethings written in my ‘notebook’- black, hard backed, old style journal…private by the natural of its being closed and in my house, my bag, or my studio.. unless I open it or leave it accessible.

These are photos from my phone which I remember was very full of ‘stuff’ and so refused to take more.

Here is the church, Co-op, school, old chapel, domes of Croughton barely visible in the distance and a pariah map.

None of the Reading Room.

Ran out of memory, I think.

1st Visit: 3rd March 2015

Anyway,  On the 3rd of March soon after the Low Res and my tutorial with Dave Charlesworth, I visited Croughton village in Northants.

I was aware, from seeing signs in the village Aynho next door and information on-line, that this village had poor Broadband.

I was also aware from years ago and my affiliation to CND, and local knowledge, that RAF Croughton nearby, had communications links second to none.

There were rumours on-line that this base was involved with communications involved in the American Drones strikes in Africa and Pakistan…

Also rumours of some involvement with the hacking of Angela Merkel’s phone.

To me, it was also a village near to one where I worked on farmland, nearly 30 years ago. Listening to the skylarks and F1-11’s from nearby Upper Hayford in the 1980’s.

Places such as Juniper Hill, Hethe and Cottisford are nearby. Featuring in ‘Lark Rise to Candelford’ they are still relatively isolated rural communities but now commuting rather than food producing, villages.

Rainsborough Camp, an ancient hill-fort, lies to the West on the other side and is the site of walks marking my time in Oxfordshire, though this area  sits on a boundary and is just into Northamptonshire.

This visit  was ten  a movement into something new and a re-visiting of the past.

I was looking at the village and thinking about it’s location in rural countryside and its position next to the communications base.

I parked outside the village school, walked up towards a filed gate and then returned, walking along a public footpath as a detour, until I reached a field edge.

It was to some extent a derive, but not quite a random exploration, definitely a psychogeographic movement. Rather like looking for website, I had a sort of goal, but did not know what it would be.

I walked down the roasd to the Co-op.

I think I’d already driven up to the roundabout to Brackley, and past the airbase but I’m not sure. Maybe this came later, that day or another, or maybe I did this on another day, before my stop and exploration.

I visited the church and saw the sign for egg sales.

Whilst I wa sheer I had a conversation with a woman with her dog.

I seem to remember asking her about The Reading Room so maybe I’d already seen it on a drive through and went there on this visit to take a look from the outside.

I made my way back to The Blackbird Inn and further on to the edge of the village on the West, and the allotments. I remember that the sun was very bright and very low.

It made it difficult for me to see where I was going on the narrow path, and I nearly walked into a wall that was facing me.

I remember the sound of the crows too.

Long, low cawing calls and the chill in the air.

There are sound files on Sound cloud here and here of the walks.

I remember looking at the Reading Room from the outside. I

think I wrote down the details of the Letting Agent but maybe I already knew that from on-line research?

I know I had dreams about using it as a studio space.

I’ve just checked and the details were sent to me on the 5th, so after this visit.

See here Reading Rooms High Street Croughton

The person who sent me the details was Wendy Thorne.

Was that Colin Thorne’s sister?

Haven’t seen him for years. I think he lives near Borough Market.

I remember him riding his bike into a road sign on the steep descent of Sunrising Hill one cold and icy Sunday morning, years ago…….

P.S. I’ve actually checked back on some dates of emails and I visited during the last few days of the Low Res at Camberwell.

This means that I must have discussed the idea with Jonathan K immediately it came to mind after the last day ( for me) discussion on Digital Residents and Visitors…

Had I thought about it before then? Or did the idea occur to me during this talk about communication and web use…

I’m not sure. Things moved together. I remember thinking a lot about Neuromancer at this time.

Of course I saw the GIGACLEAR sign which let me know the Broadband there was slow….whilst driving to Deddington to teach the children, whose father it transpires, works at RAF Croughton.

They are American, from Virginia.

They are really lovely. I have grown very fond of them.They are moving to Alice Springs. I will miss them. They have a strong Catholic faith and their mother is Mexican.They recently sang in ‘Dido and Anaeus’ at a local church.

I cried as I always do at ‘Dido’s lament’.

This time it felt even more meaningful.

2nd Visit: 11th March 2015

By this time I had contacted the agents, Whites, and realised that I couldn’t afford to rent the space as a studio.

But I decided to go and look at The Reading Room anyway.

I booked an appointment with Jane, the caretaker and person who is in charge of the bookings and went to look around.

Above are some of the images I took on my phone.

I still didn’t want to take good quality images, but to use my phone for, quickly composed, communicable images rather than photos to ‘archive’.

The ones on the slideshow are the inside of The Reading Room and some of its features, some outside , the pub next door, the delivery man and Jane.

Whilst were there we tried to get into the pub but the publican was out so the delivery driver dealt with Jane who also cleans there.

I think we went in or maybe that was then next visit.Jane has a key but I think a regular let us in….

Also Jane took me to visit Jean, who lives in a cottage along the road and has written a history of the Reading Room. She also has a house full of memorabilia and has acted as a photographer from the village.

She has lived there many years but was not born in the village.

We had a cup of tea and a chat and I recorded our conversations  here, here,here, and here.

All invaluable research about the Reading Room, what it was used for, how it came to be built and it’s place in the life of the village community as well as very personal reminiscences from Jean.

I’d never met her or Jane before but I was taken into her home.

I remember, too Jane telling me how she came to be in Croughton with her partner.

They met on a Facebook rpg called ‘Farmland’, got chatting, met, moved in together to Croughton as it was half way between both families and affordable.

She told me how they both like Geocache and a little about the rules and about how special she feels The Reading Room is, her attachment to historical events and other sentiments.

She was very keen  to help me with any research for the Reading Room.

Very helpful indeed.

Salt Way – Final projection and re-projection summary ( Re-mediation and memory)

Gosh! Apparently it’s been month since I made these…. and not yet posted….

I have thought a lot about them and read a lot too, in-between.

I’ve been thinking about these so much and about what I am doing but not posted anything!

Not good reflective practice….Eh!

So finally I understand that I am Re- mediating these videos until the original  image is finally almost destroyed…

When Dave Charlesworth saw this and the original he saw the same.

It has made me think much more about the processes of Hyper and Remediation in all contexts and to be aware of it.

Especially after reading most of… but not all yet… of Remediation : Understanding New Media by  David Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin ( see also notes on Tutorial 2)

“Media critics remain captivated by the modernist myth of the new: they assume that digital technologies such as the World Wide Web, virtual reality, and computer graphics must divorce themselves from earlier media for a new set of aesthetic and cultural principles. In this richly illustrated study, Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin offer a theory of mediation for our digital age that challenges this assumption. They argue that new visual media achieve their cultural significance precisely by paying homage to, rivaling, and refashioning such earlier media as perspective painting, photography, film, and television. They call this process of refashioning “remediation,” and they note that earlier media have also refashioned one another: photography remediated painting, film remediated stage production and photography, and television remediated film, vaudeville, and radio”

How it affects what we can understand from the medium how we receive it and therefore interpret it. How this can be used as manipulative tool and how when we do it ourselves… maybe in the process of awakening or  revisiting memory for instance) …. it  alters and changes the experience….. which is then carried forwards for it to happen again…

This fits with the ‘plasticity of memory’ idea.

 I am thinking more about forgetting than remembering…. am I repreatingmyself in this blog… or am I forgetting what I have already written and writing it again……..

Anyway the first video below was made when `i reprojected the one made siome time ago on to the site of the original making of the original video, one very cold night when it was getting very cold.

Helen and I were crouched down  and almost froze in position I seem to remember……

This time there was no-one else around to witness what was happening, although I think someone was working in one of the fields nearby.

 It was also very dark when we finished and had to walk back down the bridleway, almost unable to see our way.IMG_1031

You can hear the digger/ tractor on the soundtrack I think

The layers are getting more and more difficult to decipher, both of sound and image

In this case the original soundtrack can’t really be heard as it was cold and my gloves were covering the mic. ,I think, to add to the separation….

At one point I was so uncomfortable and the whole situation so ridiculous that I started to snigger uncontrollably.

Helen thought I was crying ( with pain???) but in fact I was just laughing….

You can hear here enquiring if i wanted to cut.

By the end we were almost hysterical…..

The images though are quite interesting and somewhat beautiful…. Some viewers have likened the to the night sky!

Really I was just interested in the process and what it could tell me about my practice….but maybe i ca do something with the imagery as well….