Sound and Vision

In our on- line session last week Ed Kelly introduced us to more sites and ways of thinking about and making sound.

We covered the topics below:

The concept  of foreground (events) and background (ambience).

The more we listen, the more we can distinguish events, even in ambient settings
The line is necessarily blurred in real life, between the two
This is the difference between listening and hearing
Look at means of generating audio in real-time, rather than making fixed compositions.
One of these is Pure Data.

A little WebAudio demo that will get you used to the concept of “patching” :

(I couldn’t get this to work..Only in Firefox and Chrome?)

It was a two hour session with loads to listen to, look at at play with…

Lots of things to reference later and opened me up to thinking about maybe making or altering the sound I end up with on my videos.

Because I am still at the…doing but with no objective… stage , and what I am doing is mainly layering up projections ( I think… sort of …some of the time..)

I am not interested in making my sounds ‘pure’ or separate ( at the moment……)

The ambient sound and events within it is much more what I am interested in and the layering of these…

The confusion that arises.

But certainly Ed’s workshop showed what could be done….(relatively, once you have learned to program )!! if you want to use this sound and manipulate it differently.

For me I have been thinking that maybe sound is one of those things that anchors me ( when making work) or other viewers, to a specific site and location and time.

That is certainly true when I think about the relationship of the sound to visual components of my works on the Salt Way  ( another one below this I think) and the ambient recordings I made…( on trains and BUS REPLACEMENT SERVICES!!)

People who have commented on some of the Salt Way  work have referenced the sound and its impact… something I had not considered when making the videos…!!

Now I am really much more conscious of the layering of sound in the most recent work and also in work I have been making in the studio…. and thinking about what that means.

( see future posts)

The workshop also made me remember some of the Drawn Meditation drawings I had made several years ago… Image to follow?

This is an example of Ed’s Digital version of his sound drawing!!!!

Ed Kelly Sound Drawing

This is where I suddenly want to try out some of this for myself…. but it doesn’t fit with my proposal or does it… experience… mediated through my physical body and represented digitally…

Memory ?  How does this work..

File for later use maybe…

Anyway, here are the next two videos of the Salt Way

The first reprojected and re-filmed  ( again) and then re-filmed ( again)  from my Computer screen.


This one below here needs rotating!

This  (below) is a version of the first of these which has been enhanced by You Tube who offered kindly to fix the lighting….!


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