Continuation and Conatations Series I and II – Hayley Newman

I want to post a video here of a fantastic lecture by Hayley Newman which discusses documentation of performance and reflexivity which I found and has taken me right back to my BA Dissertation and some of the key questions which remain. It reminds me too how generous Ms Newman was with her time, meeting me one lunchtime in the cafe at Chelsea after I went o see a performance rehearsal of some of her work at Camden Arts in 2011. Her work is seemingly light, humorous and modest but it belies such academic integrity, analysis and critique.

In the lecture she talks about the personal experience of performance and also the role of travelling to and from sites and the embodiment that takes place during this process. She also references the workshops that artists do alongside their own work and how this often is not documented or seen as ‘ belonging to ‘ the work. This may have some significance for me another time.

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