Reflections on Tutorial 20.1.15

This post is a little delayed as on Tuesday I was rather unwell with a nausea thing, and yesterday was catching up with ‘paid work’…

I had a very useful and positive discussion with Jonathan about my rather’ fragmented and scattered’ approach and the fact that I was not making consolidated work, rather little bits and pieces. In his words ‘ That’s OK at this stage but if you are still doing this in a years time it’s something to worry about!’

So since the start of the term I’ve been thinking about what I have done rather than what I hadn’t which was the situation before Christmas. I explained how it had taken me a while to accumulate the tools, though basic, that I needed as I seem to be much more focused now on projection and what it does / means. I described my experiments with the slide projectors and others and how I had played with re-filming projected video.

This ? re-iteration/reflexivity is something I am interred in as well as the immateriality of th projection itself and how that materiality is made manifest. Wow! This blog is useful!! I’ve only just been able to express that in a vaguely coherent form whist writing this blog? Would I have done that in a note book..? Who knows..?

Anyway I am now planning to project old video in various locations related to the original onto various materials, mud/leaves/ wood/water  and re filming on an iPhone. I will then refilm that video as shown on the computer screen or phone screen and see what happens! fun at last!! I also reflected on how the reading and watching and observation of all things had emphasised my position in the current digital geography.

My interactions on my blog and Snapchat and other experiences, observed at distance have opened up for me a new vista, some of which is more accessible than other areas!

Also I’m planning on a 4- way projection on objects and the body but hat takes some co-ordination so will be a while…

Here are the videos I managed to make yesterday at dusk (4pm ish) guess I need to be noting the time. As daylength increase I will have to hurry up. I like that… the reliance on natural phenomena  and contingency. Glad to be working with it again after all those cables..

There is something fun and ridiculous also about trying not to get mud on a phone/ projector/ cables and crouching down projecting on a bridleway as dogs, horses and cyclists pass by!! Note to self..must do some work about the dog-walking….!! Also, I’ve been reminded of Hayley Newman and the self-reflexivity of here work which I’ve examined before. I will put in a link to this and also the videos when they’ve been uploaded

Also Jonathan suggested the book Remediation : Understanding New Media by Jay David Bolter which , although published in 200 should be relevant to my process.

I have got it and now a vaguely remember noticing it before but not ordering it….Now is the time!

We also discussed Key Dates for the written Research and other Unit 1 Assessments plus interim exhibiting and the Low- Residency week.

I’ve also realised how useful this big screen is on my new computer and how it ( or something else..!) seems to have stopped the ‘ flick’ eye problem which was preventing me reading and writing comfortably. I can’t type whilst ion bed now but Hey! you can’t have everything and this is probably better for a work- life balance ( a WHAT?!!!!)


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