More thoughts on Projection

I’ve been trying to sort out what I am doing now with the projection stuff and why….?

And how it fits into my proposal ..if indeed it does.

The latest things I’ve messed with have been projecting old video of the making of ‘The Salt Way’,( a piece I made in 2008 on a nearby bridle way) , on to the bridleway… well that was the intention but for various reasons it didn’t happen and I projected it instead on to some grass in the back garden of a friend’s house near the bridle way.

And the friend was the person who helped me make the original work so I guess there is some connection….

Anyway then I couldn’t upload from her iPod ( wrong cable!) so I refilmed the vid on my phone and uploaded.

So here are the two.

It becomes a bit like  a video feedback sort of a thing….

Really not at all sure what I am doing but

  • the projection is more important than the image
  • The image quality at this stage is not really that relevant
  • The content of the image is mainly relevant in context to location…..I think
  • I like the idea of projecting outside but minimally onto maybe the track surface so that may be next and onto trees

I am limited to some extent by the capabilities of this little Pic projector but at least it frees me from a power supply .

Actually looking at both of them running together is quite interesting…

I must investigate further…

Final thought before my tutorial have been of Fluxus, which I often return to .

I’ll discuss my experiences of Snapchat as a medium of distribution and of writing this blog and my feedback later.

Along with introducing Google Maps (as a starting point for Reminiscence to an art group at a care home I work at.

And Shadow Puppets at  the Digiarts group at OYAP, a young peoples art trust, in Bicester!


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