Projection or Why do I feel as if everything I do has been done by a 14yr old in their bedroom, only better?

Well my analyst would say a lot about that title..if I had one..

and I probably should have…

I have realised that I haven’t actually posted details of the things I was doing before Christmas!

I was thinking so much about what I wanted to do that I forgot what I had actually done.

Now there’s a thing…

Well, as well as trying to get cables and projectors and then more cables and use other things as projectors and so more cables I did actually do some very basic overlaying of slides and video which can be seen below on to various surfaces.

I liked the greaseproof paper effect.

It was after this That I started to use the two analogue projectors facing each other and think about the space where they meet.

But here for the record are some vids and photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know the keystoning is out  but I don’t care I wasn’t look ing at that or thinking about it.

This is not finished work so I am just messing.

I really want to keep the frame of the vids so it is evident that they are made on a phone.

Something about me as an artist or whoever shot the vid as being a participant who is present with the spectator…does this make sense?

More on spectator/ participant later….

Just to keep it on the same page, here are some of the black tissue /two slides projections again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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