Memories are made of this.

Yesterday, I went to see the exhibition of Memories are Made of This at Banbury and Bicester College of Art and Design. Residents of Sanctuary Housing and students from Banbury and Bicester College and the North Oxfordshire Academy worked with artists Anne- Marie Cadman and Miranda la Mutanta on the themes of memories and communication through the ages. The participants used textiles, printing and digital video and photography to make the work seen below.

The exhibition is at the College until Thursday, 5th February.

Apologies for the poor quality images…go and see the real thing!


Latest Salt Way

This time I managed to project and re-film the whole of The Salt Way (2008) but instead of with louise , who worked with me on the original and other recent clips, this was with Helen.

Hopefully she can add some useful comments to the process which was, as usual, amusing as well as physically uncomfortable.

She was familiar with the original work which I have chosen not to show here at the moment.

The layering of images and sound is getting interesting and at last I am excited by this work having been bored by a lot of what I have been doing before..

It’s quite cool if you play them both at the same time…or almost !!!

Well I like it…will reflect and analyse why I guess.

The sound is interesting which is useful as in a little while we have a session with Ed Kelly on this very area!!

Very Useful.

Things I am learning that might be useful one day

Yesterday I ‘helped’ at another session of Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership (OYAP)  Digiarts session at The Studio in Bicester.

It is good for me to be with younger creative people and join in with ‘doing stuff’ which is fun without thinking too much..!

Last time we made shadow puppets, this time we were making FlipBooks and Thaumotropes.

I didn’t take photos of mine…I forgot and left them there as examples of possibly what not to do!

I created a very detailed storyboard  about an escaping balloon ( based I now realise on a picture book one of my sons had a long time ago!!) for my FlipBook but which didn’t work as the images were too close to the Flippy end!

I was introduced to the idea of KISS!

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Which I hadn’t heard before.. but I guess is the same as ‘less is more’.

We decided that Keep It Simple, Silly. was perhaps gentler.. but hopefully still as effective!!

Adam made great animation though from the storyboard using Clay Frames- OnionSkin.

I hadn’t come across this onionskin idea as I have never done any animation…

It makes me think of the overlaid tracing paper drawings  of Unscheduled that I made in 2012.

Also the Photographic FlipBook from the images at Gunpowder Park for ‘ Wise or Wicked’.

Maybe I should look at that work again.

I’ve found an Open Source  software  Pencil2D which has onionskin, in case I need it at some time in the future.

Adam also mentioned the frame rates needed for good animation and using time-lapse.

Time lapse is something I have thought about with the Salt Way videos to mess things up bit and I may do so.

Still some sort of ‘layer thing’ going on here I feel…..

Otherwise, I don’t want to think too much about frame-rates etc as I want things to be ‘ as they are’ rather than constructed, and to reflect on what they have done rather than decide what I want them to do… if that is clear.

Odd really, as in my initial readings of Visualising Feeling: Susan Best, she is already talking about the time-frame of affect and how, for instance, anxiety is an anticipatory affect….interesting!

Continuation and Conatations Series I and II – Hayley Newman

I want to post a video here of a fantastic lecture by Hayley Newman which discusses documentation of performance and reflexivity which I found and has taken me right back to my BA Dissertation and some of the key questions which remain. It reminds me too how generous Ms Newman was with her time, meeting me one lunchtime in the cafe at Chelsea after I went o see a performance rehearsal of some of her work at Camden Arts in 2011. Her work is seemingly light, humorous and modest but it belies such academic integrity, analysis and critique.

In the lecture she talks about the personal experience of performance and also the role of travelling to and from sites and the embodiment that takes place during this process. She also references the workshops that artists do alongside their own work and how this often is not documented or seen as ‘ belonging to ‘ the work. This may have some significance for me another time.

Reflections on Tutorial 20.1.15

This post is a little delayed as on Tuesday I was rather unwell with a nausea thing, and yesterday was catching up with ‘paid work’…

I had a very useful and positive discussion with Jonathan about my rather’ fragmented and scattered’ approach and the fact that I was not making consolidated work, rather little bits and pieces. In his words ‘ That’s OK at this stage but if you are still doing this in a years time it’s something to worry about!’

So since the start of the term I’ve been thinking about what I have done rather than what I hadn’t which was the situation before Christmas. I explained how it had taken me a while to accumulate the tools, though basic, that I needed as I seem to be much more focused now on projection and what it does / means. I described my experiments with the slide projectors and others and how I had played with re-filming projected video.

This ? re-iteration/reflexivity is something I am interred in as well as the immateriality of th projection itself and how that materiality is made manifest. Wow! This blog is useful!! I’ve only just been able to express that in a vaguely coherent form whist writing this blog? Would I have done that in a note book..? Who knows..?

Anyway I am now planning to project old video in various locations related to the original onto various materials, mud/leaves/ wood/water  and re filming on an iPhone. I will then refilm that video as shown on the computer screen or phone screen and see what happens! fun at last!! I also reflected on how the reading and watching and observation of all things had emphasised my position in the current digital geography.

My interactions on my blog and Snapchat and other experiences, observed at distance have opened up for me a new vista, some of which is more accessible than other areas!

Also I’m planning on a 4- way projection on objects and the body but hat takes some co-ordination so will be a while…

Here are the videos I managed to make yesterday at dusk (4pm ish) guess I need to be noting the time. As daylength increase I will have to hurry up. I like that… the reliance on natural phenomena  and contingency. Glad to be working with it again after all those cables..

There is something fun and ridiculous also about trying not to get mud on a phone/ projector/ cables and crouching down projecting on a bridleway as dogs, horses and cyclists pass by!! Note to self..must do some work about the dog-walking….!! Also, I’ve been reminded of Hayley Newman and the self-reflexivity of here work which I’ve examined before. I will put in a link to this and also the videos when they’ve been uploaded

Also Jonathan suggested the book Remediation : Understanding New Media by Jay David Bolter which , although published in 200 should be relevant to my process.

I have got it and now a vaguely remember noticing it before but not ordering it….Now is the time!

We also discussed Key Dates for the written Research and other Unit 1 Assessments plus interim exhibiting and the Low- Residency week.

I’ve also realised how useful this big screen is on my new computer and how it ( or something else..!) seems to have stopped the ‘ flick’ eye problem which was preventing me reading and writing comfortably. I can’t type whilst ion bed now but Hey! you can’t have everything and this is probably better for a work- life balance ( a WHAT?!!!!)

More thoughts on Projection

I’ve been trying to sort out what I am doing now with the projection stuff and why….?

And how it fits into my proposal ..if indeed it does.

The latest things I’ve messed with have been projecting old video of the making of ‘The Salt Way’,( a piece I made in 2008 on a nearby bridle way) , on to the bridleway… well that was the intention but for various reasons it didn’t happen and I projected it instead on to some grass in the back garden of a friend’s house near the bridle way.

And the friend was the person who helped me make the original work so I guess there is some connection….

Anyway then I couldn’t upload from her iPod ( wrong cable!) so I refilmed the vid on my phone and uploaded.

So here are the two.

It becomes a bit like  a video feedback sort of a thing….

Really not at all sure what I am doing but

  • the projection is more important than the image
  • The image quality at this stage is not really that relevant
  • The content of the image is mainly relevant in context to location…..I think
  • I like the idea of projecting outside but minimally onto maybe the track surface so that may be next and onto trees

I am limited to some extent by the capabilities of this little Pic projector but at least it frees me from a power supply .

Actually looking at both of them running together is quite interesting…

I must investigate further…

Final thought before my tutorial have been of Fluxus, which I often return to .

I’ll discuss my experiences of Snapchat as a medium of distribution and of writing this blog and my feedback later.

Along with introducing Google Maps (as a starting point for Reminiscence to an art group at a care home I work at.

And Shadow Puppets at  the Digiarts group at OYAP, a young peoples art trust, in Bicester!

Who was I when I made this work?

I was having a shower this morning when I remembered a comment Jonathan made regarding us reflecting on ‘who we were when we were making our work’… it came up again in the first of our chats of the term this week. It made me think about all the ‘me’s’ there are….

  • The botanist/ herbalist who still exists strongly but drifts in and out, emerging under certain circumstances and relationships, depending who I am with and in certain relatively specific locations.
  • The mother : a mutable role and identity, especially as my sons grow and mature into adults and our feelings and responsibilities change.
  • The sociable participant who wants to experience as much as possible ( within reason!) for as long as possible.
  • The solitary reflector
  •  The investigator
  •  and many more…

Being in the shower makes me reflect on sensory experience as I meditate on the feeling of the water, soap and warmth on my skin. All of us may experience some similar events but our personal experiences of them are different. In the shower is one of the many places that I am reminded that my experiences of water on my skin are different from the sensations produced some time ago. Also, I believe that I feel the same sensations in ways that other people do not. Sometimes, I do not feel the sensation of heat or ‘wetness’  at all. Or maybe it does not feel like heat…maybe cold..or nothing. However, if I think about it more , I have no idea how someone’s experiences heat to wetness. I only know that my sensations of these are different from before. What is heat/ wetness. Who am I when I am in the shower? I am reminded of Buddhist thought on ‘self’. Am I my sensations or the emotions and feelings they evoke? or the knowledge which my interpretation of them provide.

Buddhists do not believe that there is anything everlasting or unchangeable in human beings, no soul or self in which a stable sense of ‘I’ might anchor itself. The whole idea of ‘I’ is in fact a basically false one that tries to set itself up in an unstable and temporary collection of elements. Take the traditional analogy of a cart. A cart may be broken down into its basic components -axle, wheels, shafts, sides, etc. Then the cart is no more; all we have is a pile of components. In the same way ‘I’ am made up of various elements or aggregates: form , feeling-sensation ,perception  volitional mental activities , sense consciousness.

I have just started to read Visualising Feeling by Susan Best. This book discusses affect and feeling in art in the past 50 years. It starts by discussing the anti-aesthetic tradition and also concepts of spectator and experience. This was surprising to me for some reason as it took me back to the issues i was considering during my final year of BA but I had not somehow associated them directly with ‘affect’?? The book discusses the work primarily of two artists I have looked at previously ,in association with work I have made. Lygia Clark and Ana Mendieta as well as Eva Hesse and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha ( who I only became aware of when I originally referenced this book. Interestingly Clark violently disagreed with her positioning her work within performance art’…. because her work …… ‘rejects the idea of spectator’ seeing her work as ‘ existing in direct contact with the body of the participant beholders’ Yves- Alain Bois, Introduction to Lygia Clark,’Nostalgia of the body’, October 69 (1994), pp.87-88 in Visualising Feeling – Affect and the feminine Avant-Garde : Susan Best I feel this book will be of great significance to the ideas I am thinking about now, though still in relation to memory and time. Here also is a  COFA lecture by Susan Best on the same topic.

The book also mentioned Cecilia Vicuna so I have had a look at some of her works too In particular Red Coil which reminds me of some of my actions in the past .

This lead me back to Jimmie Durham, who was brought to my attention by Jonathan Kearney. Round in circles… I must be on the right track to something! I’m also thinking of other concepts of projection in psychotherapy etc which tie into these ideas of self and subject and spectator….. Next post should help a little with this…..