Reanimation : Joan Jonas and personal frustration

Yet more outstanding work.

Somehow I want to encompass all that Joan Jonas does and more.

Without the stage theatricality though and with some sense of collaboration and relational aesthetic, and possibly more raw and physical.






The past few weeks have been frustrating and demoralising.

The combination of

  • Wanting to use both older ‘retro’ technology along with new digital which don’t want to work together
  • All equipment both old and new costing so much money
  • All equipment needing very time-consuming research to see if it will perform the right functions when I eventually get it
  • The fiddling with the tech which inevitably doesn’t work to start with
  • The lack of space and constant moving of ‘stuff’ around in my increasingly cramped studio space
  • The lack of technicians to advise
  • The lack of equipment to just play with in the AV store
  •  The lack of ‘creative base’ of colleagues working in similar fields where there is an energy to revitalise me when the going gets tough
  •  Physical difficulties with untimely fatigue and painful symptoms on  the days I have available to work.
  • Difficulties with my sight which have made reading, assimilating what I read, and concentration almost impossible.

Today has been better.

I had some training yesterday on Dragon software and it has helped to get me off to a slow start but with gathering pace during the day.

I’ve been able to publish these drafts which have been pending for the last few weeks.

I have been busy with the things above for quite a while: so have been working but not producing work.

It always feels like such a waste of time.

Nothing useful to document.

Nothing useful to see.

I am a little clearer now on how I want to experiment further in some direction rather than spinning round and round like a broken compass!


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