Eating Pomegranates!-“Let me count the ways”

Last week I did my on-line shop and in the substitutes I got three pomegranates packed for the price of one loose!

When my son prepared it for eating, he did a neat thing where he bashed the bottom and all the seeds fell out in a bowl!

I have always used a pin and taken them out one by one…..That way you learn to savour each seed until you loose patience and tear them out. Usually eating some bitter membrane at the same time.

I’d shown him that method which was shown to me by my grandmother and mother.

I asked him where he’d learned the technique and, of course, said ‘YouTube!’

This made me think back about the group discussion we had about learning methods, sharing/dissemination of information and trans-literacy.

And the used of embedded advertising….

Here are some pomegranate examples ( there are a lot more, believe me!).

Just find the one that suits you. With thanks to all contributors!


 The Eco-Friendly Family




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