From Marina A to Revolution with Frank’s in between

This will start out as a list of experiences with full reflection added later when I am less tired.

On Friday 24th I went to London to the Lisson on Bell Street and saw the Marina Abramovic White Space and then The Gates of the Festival Djurberg and Berg.

On the way back I realised that a bookshop Archive Bookstore, crammed with books, was open and I wandered in.

I need no old books or sheet music as I have an archive of my own, so I enquired about possibly selling some of my father’s.

I ‘promised’ to make a list and email it.

From there to Ambika P3 for Schizophrenia Taiwan, an exhibition of new media and digital art fromTaiwan.

I mentioned this in a previous post, and my vicarious ‘relationship’ with Taiwan.

Although the exhibition was spoilt to some extent by the sound contamination between works (a common problem I think when video is shown) there were several pieces of work which were emotionally moving. Nowhere to sit, though, to watch them in full.

I will describe some of the works here later.

From here I went down to The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014.

The winner was a sound piece by Alison Carlier Adjectives,lines and marks, the first time a sound piece has won the Jerwood.

There was one video work and all others marks on a support, as far as I remember.

From here I walked round in circles for a while as I couldn’t find Frank’s Cafe and my phone was very low on battery.

I had forgotten it was on Southwark Street.

Eventually I found it and ate enough food to sink a small ship in the Thames.

Established that, despite all plans, I was not going to meet Sam at the Velodrome to see his friends riding the Varsity Track Event, so I left before dozing off into a post-prandial snooze, and with some difficulty, made my way to King’s Cross anyway on the 45.

I spent a couple of hours or so in the CSM library, borrowed several books, all relatively new titles with some digtech content, and made my way to KC station to get to Stratford.

Redirected to St Pancras, I found myself on the fast train to Stratford International, calling at various stations in Kent including Rochester and Deal.

From there, a rather confusing, poorly signposted and longer than expected, walk to the velodrome.

I gave Sam’s ticket to a youth leader on the way, in case it could be used, and chatted to three other lost souls looking for the racing.

An amazing building as you eventually walk towards it.

At last, went in to watch Revolution 1.

The next event was unexpected.

As I entered, at the gate at the top of the bank before the home straight, I started to weep.

The sound of the bikes gliding round on a warm-up, Hugh Porter’s voice on the sound system…….

I dropped my library books and, somewhere I discovered later, my UAL i.d.; found my way to my seat  just before the finish line, and waited for Andrea.

Watched Laura Trott beat Marianne Voss in the Women’s Omnium Scratch Race to deafening applause, and the Loughborough Team Pursuit lads get through to the Varsity final due to a dq.( Southampton touched wheels.)

Had to leave before L team rode again and so didn’t get to see them beat Glasgow…the whole reason for going, apart from seeing Sam… but never mind…..

A long and seemingly sadistic round-about route semi- directed us back to the station via Westfield (oddly busy at night, I thought), and then on the Central Line with a couple of Smurfs carrying pineapples (‘ Say hello in Spanish!’ ) to  Marylebone by 11 to get the train home.

A day of contrasts; memories made and many, rather poignaintly ( highlighted in pretty colours) re-visited.


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