Overlay or continuum?

Just had this posted through as I draft my proposal.

I will try and see it on Friday when I go to the velodrome for Revolution.

Schizophrenia and Taiwan 2.0 

Jung’s Theory of Synchronicity, once more as my old Pa would have said.

I have been writing about the overlay of past history and contemporary technological presence in locations which are significant to me.

This is an example which hadn’t occurred to me.

Taiwan ( Formosa during WWII) was the place my father was held prisoner by the Japanese from 1942/3 to 1945.

Some years ago I met a Taiwanese student, aged around 20, as we were both waiting for a train with our bikes on an otherwise deserted rural  railway station in Warwickshire.

As we were chatting I mentioned my father’s time there.

She knew nothing about it. It was not part of her history.

Much of the equipment I use from day-to-day probably uses components made or assembled there.

Overlay or continuum?


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