In deeper

Yesterday I played around with projections through the cling film ‘curtains’.

I tried initially with the series of Sibelius‘ but without sound.

Louise came to view and thought the extra visuals confused the ‘curtain’ projection.

I thought so too.

I scanned the photos I used to make the drawings and then, today, I projected them as a slide-show.

Again these images in sequence, like the Australia slides, did not work as a sequence.

They definitely distracted from the projection rather than adding to it, or the experience of the installation in total.

I tried the ‘Sibelius‘ series again, this time with sound and the sound seemed to tie them together.

The one below is with ‘Be Still my Soul

I like the way the projection plays on the ‘curtains’ as well as the wall..and the drawings are on the cling-film as well as the wall.

Double – imagery but with distortions, and layers……not sure what I am doing yet but a little concerned as I wanted to keep things simple with a core ‘ feeling’.. not too complex.

I accidentally deleted the one with the loud beginning phase of ‘Finlandia‘ which didn’t work well as just video but with ‘curtain’ seemed better to me as the loudness of the music was tempered by the visuals, I feel?

I can try it again.

I also used some of the fair footage, despite the fact that they all project at 90 degrees when imported directly and played through the Media Player. A common problem according to the ‘Google’ oracle.

Still I really like the abstract images that emerge with the projections and feel that sound really adds something to the whole experience…maybe too much?Joan Jonas doesn’t use loud sounds ..or does she?

Must investigate.

Really enjoying the overlays though.

Some still images below:

No sound as the video quality seems to be rubbish when embedded from Youtube…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also messed with very basic Augmented Reality on my phone as still waiting for new desktop to download  Metia AG

Just to finish off… I slept badly last night and one of the things disturbing me was the refining of my Proposal Question.

It has developed into:

“To what extent does digital technology enable affective re-animation of personal or collective embodied memory of action or event ?”

It sounds very pretentious and not at all practical but I hope it has scope for the practice- base investigation I want to do and also the written dissertation.


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