Proposal clarity?

I woke in the early hours this morning.

I’d like to say what time but both my mobiles were out of charge as I don’t have to get up at 6.30am on Thursdays and I allow myself the decadence of waking naturally, so I’d left them uncharged.

It was probably about 2.30am…it usually is…

I wrote something down in pencil on the nearest piece of paper…..the back of a train ticket.////went back to sleep…woke again….wrote some more and amended in red pen in the morning.

I did have the most amazingly lucid revelation at some time during the night usual…… had fallen asleep again before I could write it down.

I persuaded myself I’d remember…..but of course I didn’t.

And I can’t read my writing or photograph dust like Man Ray, despite its breeding.


The Question


To what extent can digital technology enable the re-animation of embodied  memory to produce affective media?

Methodology may emerge more clearly during the night…


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rhiannon evans

I'm an MA student at Camberwell College of Art studying for MA Fine Art Digital. Thanks for looking

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