Feeling uncomfortable but recognise and investigate……

Susan Aldworth is an artist working with images of the human brain and its functionality.

Her work is often quoted in Art/ Science circles and I feel it is important for me to look at it, and her approach, in some detail.

I first came across he lenticular work in the GV Gallery, London.

She works with neuroscientists and has a background in philosophy so I must investigate her work to some extent and yet I find her images, though aesthetically very beautiful and the prints attractive as objects, make me feel uncomfortable.

I think they bring up the same conflict for me as participatory work with vulnerable people i.e. artist autonomy, how the participation is introduced and its process. I feel unsure about this in her case and need to look more closely.

Her images bring this conflict ‘close to home’ as the lenticulars were produced from MRI images of brains of people with multiple sclerosis.

She works with people with their consent and they may be pleased that they are being ‘represented ‘ in this way and  so discussion about the condition is opened up …

They are, as I said, beautifully executed images.

Susan-Aldworth-Brainscape-21-etching-and-aquatint-2006-image-courtesy-of-the-artist-and-GV-Art-galleryLondon                                                                     Susan Aldworth

In contrast, here is a drawing I made in 2007, on a bad day. Not so aesthetically pleasing but maybe more of a representation…though of course… all of us are individuals and the symptom picture is not the same in any individuals.MS Resized PS


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