‘Random’ events and coincidences that I need to document from the last few weeks!

In Reverse order:


I think Amazon are trying to ‘encourage’ me to have Amazon Prime and stream my movies.

I received my next disc today… it gives me the pleasure of anticipation to tear open the packaging and see what’s inside ( I try to ignore the email and anyway sometimes they get it wrong!)

This time I have ‘ Mask of Zorro’! Been on my list for many years but now the boys are nearly 20 and over 6 so I will be watching on my own!!


It reminds me of scouring Banbury for fabric to make Zorro masks after seeing it at the cinema ( I’m chastised for calling it the ‘pictures’) and the resulting mayhem of fake sword play with any long pointy implement which came to hand.

Would the memories have been so strong if I had simply streamed the film?

Was it the disc in my hand with the image on it that provoked the memories?

Zen … and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance:

On Saturday afternoon when drawing on the cling film, I listened to a radio play of the above.


I love radio live or at least not Listen Again.

I like the fact that I may miss something or come in half way through.

The chance that this was on just when I had set aside time to work on the drawings and could listen added to my pleasure.

It’s relevance to my practice was astounding.

Not just the Zen references but the analysis , which drives the narrator insane, of subject and object, discussion around ‘value’ and experience, and the nature of ‘event’.

Obviously I could not concentrate fully (!) and should ‘ listen again. ‘

I find the idea of this interesting how we can’t ‘miss thiings’ anymore and we listen to them often as individuals rather than communally. Same with film and tv.

No longer a communal experience or at least not experienced communally  at the same time,

NOW this is getting interesting……….this disjointing of communal experience.

It happened before with communications, letters written at one time and read at another but now it is different.

MUST think more about this. ( I’ve highlighted this at a later date as it becomes more solid an idea much later on!)

Dementia Friends:

I went to a meeting at the local council to raise awareness of dementia.

My work with older people, Chipping Norton ‘Lights Up’, local Alzheimer Society and  pilot outreach at New Art Gallery Walsall has informed my fine art practice and continues to do so.

This meeting was useful and used several visual analogies to help understanding of how dementia affects people.

Flickering lights of different colours, some going out and staying out was one analogy.

Another was the ‘Bookcase’ model of memory as below , where books fall off the upper shelves first


The Hippocampus was described as the ‘hard-drive’ of the brain where factual memory, logical thought, reasoning and attention are based.

The Amygdala is where feelings and emotional memories are stored and these are often more resilient and less likely to be forgotten.

This is important when caring for people with dementia but was interesting to me in terms of exploring  memory  in the MA, and the affect of any work.

I wonder if certain sensory pathways are more directed to the amygdala.

I should know this and feel that smell most certainly is.

Maybe all sensory pathway… visual?

I need to check this as I can’t remember.. I have avoided looking at physiology at this point as I don’t want to become fascinated by something and sent down a long pathway only to have to get myself back..maybe it’s time for a peep.

Phones, Drones & RAF Croughton: Pervasive technology and the “surveillance state”:

I went along to this talk at the Friends Meeting House, which is also where I practice weekly group meditaion and heard Paul Mobbs.

During the talk he mentioned the film Minority Report- yet another taken from a book by the prophet Philip K. Dick!

I’m not sure how this will feed into my work but I expect it has some effect, as everything does.

‘Consultant, author and lecturer Paul Mobbs presents his latest work on the issue of technological change and our economic and ecological future. Although military drones and Government surveillance have grabbed the headlines recently, if we look at the technologies behind these processes we find that it is a far more ubiquitous system – embedded in many of the everyday uses of technology we take for granted. This presentation/discussion is a guide to how these systems work, and the links between the civil and military use of digital technologies which have major implications for both our political and economic freedoms. This event will also look at the importance of USAF/RAF Croughton, not far from Banbury, and its role in this global “surveillance machine”. Ideas for Change 2014

Not sure how this video got in here but will leave it …..??

Stuart Brisley – The State of Denmark at Modern Art Oxford. Private view:


A political performance artist this work was about republican ism and so quite interesting to be posting it with the above about surveillance and the political implications…

I went to this with Claire W as I thought SB may be performing…..

Last time I saw him perform there in 2012 I took a pice of rope left behind in the detritus of the performance as a souvenir and used it in my on-going thread work….

I didn’t think he’d mind.

I once read… (where?) that he liked the coincidences that occur during his performances or as a result of them.

At the last one i saw ? Harry from 4D CSM.

Then I bumped into him again at Camberwell when he nipped in for a bottle of water on the day I took my Bodicote Group to see the Illustration MA show…

I was prepared to see him again but instead looked up to see John Seth! and Anne Tallentire.

Very strange as I saw him last at Mrs Mac’s funeral in Vauxhall with Grett from Prenteg…yet another bizarre coincidence is the connection between Prenteg and CSM….

He didn’t perform but watched some video footage and will go back to see more.

Really struck by the sound of tearing and banging around in his video work and how evocative it is.

And by the way he uses his whole body so freely. I can’t find any footage of this on YouTube

Maybe add more if I think of any.


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