Is this the right direction?

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I’ve been working on this since last Friday. Other work interfered with the flow generated by my tutorial so I have taken sometime to write it up thoroughly.

I have enjoyed making the drawing for this but there are a huge number of them and I don’t have studio space to spread them in a white space as I would like.

I tried sticking them together using their clingy-ness but have now bought some sticky-dots to make them stay togther.

I decided to use them with the projector , just to see what happened and I like the result.

I am not sure about the personal images.

One of the concerns I had during my tutorial was a desire to move away from personal material as a resource and to look at other sources ( such as the slides as I have no idea who the belonged to or why they were taken)

The images I used for the cling- film drawings were random family photos from very old (over 100 years) sepia images of people I have never known, to personal close family from the last 20 years.

I found making the drawings very moving.

Tracing the lines of my parents clothing ,and the children’s, evoked sensations of the original fabrics which I found fascinating from a ‘memory access’ point of view.

The construction works well as it is visually quite pleasing and evokes fragility as well as preservation.

I like the blue light cast by the digital projector although this was laziness.

I did not want to carry the other projector to the studio or start to faff about with other files to alter the colour projected.

I will carry on with this but I am not sure how it fits with my question for the project proposal and I am running out of time.

I am thinking more about collective actions and ritual and their associations with memory now as I have been revisiting older work.

Maybe the digital memory concept can be alluded to and not overt,  by simply using techniques and technology  rather than ‘making statements’.

This feels more comfortable as I had thought my proposal was becoming a little too like  a scientific proposal.

If it is based on a visual idea rather than an analytical premise things may work better…..


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