Week five: Do, think, write, plan

Last Tuesday our session was lead by Ed Kelly and was useful to have another discussion about out process of working towards our MA proposal.

The Mantra, above, has given me some new confidence in my process and although more regular blogging would no doubt help it has helped me see it as a place to help to organise my thoughts whilst writing.

Ed’s advice for me not to be ‘too careful’ in what I write has helped, although I probably ‘should’ be writing more frequently.

I have not felt able to upload images of work ‘bit by bit’ as I need to organise them for reflection.

So this short post is just a recognition of the fact that I no longer see my posts as product but as part of my MA process.

I still feel uncomfortable with the visibility of this process and can understand intoanoceanof s feelings expressed in his blog but am going along with it…so to speak.

Next week  I will be attending the local meeting on Digital Surveillance though.


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