Experiments with analogue materials

I am aware that the soundtrack and its associations are loaded with cultural, as well as personal, meaning

(see above).

The former may override the latter for a viewer and so make my interpretation of the video in the context of my practice, irrelevant and invisible.

My concerns are those of personal experience of an event, how this experience is stored and accessed in association with future experiences; individual, shared or collective.

Also the effect of the senses, in this case: haptic, auditory and visual, and the resulting affect with its relationship to re-experienced events through remembering.

I have been thinking also about forgetting as an emphasis and I think this comes through unintentionally in these pieces.

More the destruction of memory than the preservation of it?

I think that, maybe in working on drawings of the documentation of an action, the material process acts as a sort of immaterial ‘processing’ ( of the archive?)


4 thoughts on “Experiments with analogue materials”

    1. Hi
      Sorry for slow reply but I have been ‘laid up’ with a noxious virus thing and only just emerged after a few days.
      I’m glad yuo liked the first video but the end just clunked to a stop because I am new to video editing really.
      I have tried to improve with a shorter clip but need some half-reasonable software which will let me fade out…
      Nothing really to understand but please tell me what it made you think about..
      All Best
      NB Hope the new cushion is comfy and doesn’t have to be worn in…


      1. The first two videos made me think about orientation and reminded me of the Umbrellium, Assemblance at the Digital Revolution exhibition and Lis Rhodes Light Music that was at the Tate Modern a few years ago. However whereas your video relied on looking to make sense – and then a realisation that I wouldn’t make sense of it and just need to experience it, these two installations were immersive with the former allowing me to control and manipulate some elements.

        I experience your third video very differently as the music is well known and so strong that it left me a bit cold and I didn’t make it to the end…

        Interesting work, ATB Pete


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