Thinking and memory-making

This blog is, at present, a place where I am trying to concentrate and clarify my thoughts into something more accessible and easier to assimilate for future reference, whilst another complex almost random and unconscious process happens within me, day and night.

I am becoming more aware of how my methods of recording information, making notes and processing what I have read, act as an archive and look like as a representation of my process of memorialisation.

The images above show how I make my notes and record my thoughts as I read, watch, listen and talk to others.

I plan to handwrite the text from the post-its into a notebook and maybe use it in a post here on the blog.

Using the post-its concentrates my thoughts into small pieces or ‘bites/bytes’ for re- consumption.

Reading the almost prophetic work of Philip K. Dick – ‘We can remember it for you wholesale‘ which was filmed as TOTAL RECALL and Ray Bradbury – ‘Farenheit 451′, and Henri Bergson- Matter and Memory feeds into my process.
They all explore the way that experience and information is ‘laid down’ and accessed later in the human body and the implications this has for us as ‘self’ and humanity.

‘her’ (2013) by Spike Jonze is also extremely interesting, as the operating system in the title role responds and grows through its ‘digital’ memory of others and its own experiences via various interfaces.


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